3 Wheel Electric Scooter Buying Guide

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There is nothing more important than keeping you and your loved ones safe. This can be especially difficult when you or someone you love starts to face mobility issues. Whether you were an active nature lover or just someone who loves to be out and about, limited mobility can really have a negative impact on your quality and very way of life. We have long had options like walkers and manual wheelchairs, and while these have done a lot to improve basic mobility, these options are limited and still cut us off from many of the things we love to do.

This is why advancements in technology have proven to be so valuable to people with limited mobility. For a long time, the above stated options were the only choice someone with limited mobility had. In the last decade or two, we have seen a proliferation of what are referred to as mobility scooters. These were probably best popularized by the iconic Hoveround commercial of the older folks at the Grand Canyon thanks to their mobility scooter. This might seem like hyperbole for the purposes of selling a product, and of course, to some degree it was, but the ads were also very true. With a quality mobility scooter, there aren’t many areas of life that are off limits, even if you have limited mobility.

There are tons of different kinds of mobility scooters that are designed for people with different needs, lifestyles, and expectations. For the purposes of this guide, we will stick to the more common 3 wheel electric scooter. Even within this specific type of scooter, there is a lot of variation and choice, depending on what all you want to do with said scooter. What follows is a brief guide detailing the considerations you need to make in order to choose the perfect scooter for you or your loved one, as well as a short introduction to the different options of three wheeled mobility scooter available.

Considerations When Looking at a Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is a bit of an investment, so the cost of the scooter is obviously of prime concern. The first thing you will want to look into is whether or not your insurance covers part or all of the cost of a mobility scooter. If they do cover any of the cost, there is likely a particular company, or at least protocol that you will need to follow in order to have the cost covered by your insurance provider. You don’t necessarily want to go with the lowest price option for your mobility scooter.

If you do not have insurance or wish to purchase a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair outright, it is really helpful to set a budget before you even begin shopping. This will keep you on track, ensure that you do not overspend, and will also help reduce the amount of time you spend researching potential options.

Types of Three Wheeled Mobility Scooters

One of the reasons that the 3 wheel electric scooter is the most popular type is that it is versatile and agile. With quality three wheeled scooters, you have a tight turning radius, which allows you to easily navigate even tight spaces with ease. These scooters have a variety of safety features that ensure that you or your loved one is safely and securely strapped in to a stable and balanced scooter. There are three main types of three wheeled mobility scooter: the standard model aimed at comfort, the all-terrain, and the travel oriented mode.

The standard model is a basic three wheeled scooter that is versatile and all purpose, but not designed for a specialized purpose like travel or rough terrain. For people who don’t do a lot of traveling or spend a ton of time outdoors, this is a great choice. It has the agility you need to do household chores and errands, but doesn’t come with the power, rage and ability to navigate rough terrain that other, more specialized models have.

All-terrain models are designed with people who have an active lifestyle in mind. This type of mobility scooter will have a more sturdy suspension, that provides a smooth ride, even on rough terrain. This type of scooter will also have more power than travel and standard models, as it will need it in order to navigate a range of different types of terrain. An all-terrain scooter also has larger, more aired up tires and higher ground clearance, allowing it to travel over rough ground and other obstacles. It typically can accommodate more lbs and cover more miles as well.

Travel oriented scooters are ones that are designed to be lightweight and thus, much easier to take with you on the go. A travel scooter is designed with space efficiency in mind. This type of scooter will often have the ability to fold closed for storage, or you can easily take them apart without the need for specialized tools. This makes this type of scooter easy to store, assemble, and take apart, so that those who love to be social and active, but that deal with limited mobility do not have to give up their active lifestyle.

Whatever type of mobility scooter you ultimately choose, we are sure that you or your loved one will be incredibly happy at the enhanced quality of life this type of device provides. Limited mobility can have a way of really narrowing down our options of how to live our lives. If you or your loved one is used to an active and social life, a limitation in mobility can be incredibly devastating. Thankfully, there are technologies like mobility scooters that allow for enhanced mobility, without sacrificing safety or comfort.

Mobility scooters come in a whole range of different styles, though in this guide we have stuck to talking about three wheeled models. We discuss the need to determine whether or not your insurance covers mobility scooters and if not, what kind of budget you have to work with. We then briefly detail the ins and outs of the different types of three wheeled mobility scooters available on the market. There are great options for those who love the great outdoors, to whom comfort is key, and even for those who wish to maintain their active and busy lifestyle. Just because you have limited mobility doesn’t mean that you have to give up the things you love in life. Check out some online options, or your nearest mobility scooter store to find the best 3 wheel mobility scooter.

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