5 Best Dogs For Seniors & How They Benefit The Elderly

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No one likes to be alone and for seniors, it can be even harder than most. That’s why having a dog around for companionship is not just a good idea, it is very important. Whether it’s a puppy or an older dog, it can be a great companion because they’re always there for you and work as a therapy dog. From large dogs such as Golden Retrievers to small dogs like a Yorkshire terrier, dogs of a number of breeds can keep you company through a human-animal bond and even protect you in the event of an intruder.

If something is wrong, a dog tends to notice it before any human would and with any of these dogs you’re going to have a lovable friend you can spend time with. They will love nothing more that curling up with you on the sofa or even in bed other than a little dog food, they will soon become the perfect companion and provide many a loving memory.

Depending on how old the senior citizen is, however, dictate the age and the dog breed. Someone who is a little frail, living in a small apartment won’t be able to cope with a French bulldog or Boston terrier puppy. They would be much more suited to an older dog and possibly a smaller breed like a poodle or a pug with a shorthaired coat for companionship that will act as a loving pet and make the perfect lapdog.

#1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This dog is super cute and super friendly at the same time. In fact, they’re small enough to be a lap dog and they’re more than happy to be too.

They sit right on your lap or on the couch next to you while you watch TV or read or anything else. Even better, they’re super easy to train and do well with small children as well as other pets if you’d like.

They’re very gentle dogs and they’re affectionate as well; so if you want a companion that really wants to spend time with you, this is a great choice.They do require a little grooming and do well with a nice walk, though they don’t require a whole lot of exercise. They’re not necessarily ideal for a senior who can’t take them for walks at all, but if you’re still somewhat mobile they’ll be a great addition to the family.

#2 Pug


Pugs are great for the less active senior because they really don’t care all that much for long walks and extensive exercise. They’re small dogs that love to snuggle and play. They do like other dogs and children, but it’s best to keep an eye on them at all times.

They do need a little bit of grooming and do shed occasionally, but they’re definitely good for training.They can be a range of different colors and they’re great for relaxing in front of the TV or just following you around the house.These are slightly more mischievous dogs, but they’re definitely not aggressive by any means. You’ll find that they love to spend time with you and really love to have attention and something to satisfy their endless curiosity.

#3 Maltese


Another small breed, these are very pretty dogs with a lot of fur. That means they need quite a bit of grooming, but you’ll find they are one of the best companions because they love to sit right with you while you’re doing anything at all.

They’re pretty good at training and they will be gentle, playful, and fearless, though they are quite small.They’re not as good with other dogs or young children, but for a senior, they can be a great pet that loves to cuddle.

They do like exercise, however, as well, taking brisk walks and playing is going to be important with these.Having been around for a long time, this breed is definitely a strong one, though you wouldn’t think it to look at them. You definitely won’t have a problem getting this one to play with you and just spend time with you doing whatever you want.

#4 Yorkie


The Yorkie requires quite a bit of grooming and they are going to need some assistance when it comes to training because they can be a bit spirited and independent, but they will definitely be a great dog for you to cuddle with and keep company.

They need a little activity and tend to not be as good with children or dogs, but do okay under close supervision.They are extremely brave and curious, investigating everything, which may seem strange given their small size.

Still, they are a fun dog to have around and tend to have their own strong personality.They are part of the terrier family (Yorkshire Terriers) and were originally used as rat catching dogs and even part of the working class. But they’ve now become a little more stylish dogs and have found their way into being a companion for many families.

#5 Greyhound


This one may seem strange as a companion for a senior, but they’re actually a great dog and a whole lot of fun. A retired race dog may be one of the best options in this breed, but any of them are going to be a great choice.

These are sweet and gentle dogs that will definitely want to curl up next to you (though being a lapdog is a little out of the question). They’re lean and strong and definitely need time to run and play, though they can do that in a yard on their own (since they’re going to want to run quite fast).

They are good with other dogs, though they’re typically not as good with children. You may want to keep an eye on them around young ones. They are extremely slender dogs, which is what they’re supposed to be, so overfeeding them is to be carefully monitored. You’ll definitely have no problem getting this one to love being around you and love spending time with anyone. They’re fast when they’re outside and running, but they can calm down easily when it’s time to come into the house and relax. It’s definitely a unique mix of wild and calm.


No matter what type of dog you’re really looking for, big or small, you can easily find one that’s going to be a great addition to your family and your household. You’ll be able to keep yourself safer and more comfortable with any of these dogs. Not to mention you’re going to have someone to talk to no matter what time of the day or night. That can definitely help with the boredom that comes from living alone, which is a reality for a lot of seniors. Still, even if you have friends or another family in the house, a dog can definitely be a great addition.

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