Best Arthritis Cream for Hands

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There are many topical creams on the market made just for arthritis pain relief. These creams are absorbed through the skin and can ease pain in your joints and muscles. If you are looking for the best arthritis cream for hands, you should be looking for something which is quick acting, long-lasting, and effective.

How Does Arthritis Hand Cream Work?

One out of every five adults has some form of arthritis, which causes pain and inflammation around the joints. When a person’s joints in their hands are inflamed, it can cause pain which becomes harder to deal with as they age. Fortunately, there are certain forms of pain relief that can be used to ease arthritis pain so that people who suffer from it can live an easier life. Arthritis hand creams are applied to the surface of a person’s skin and help relieve joint pain, muscle pain, and stiffness. These types of creams provide short-term relief which is effective and quick-acting.

Topical creams are absorbed through the skin and provide effective relief on inflamed joints like knuckles which are close to the skin. This is why they are often used on hands, as they target localized pain.

There are certain ingredients in arthritis hand cream which provide pain relief, including:


Arthritis creams that contain salicylates have compounds that are similar to aspirin. Salicylates reduce inflammation and swelling and help alleviate pressure on joints. Topical creams with salicylates are a good option if you want to avoid the side effects which are common with oral pain relievers.


Counterirritants are brands of salicylate which contain menthol, eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil, cinnamon oil, and more. These types of pain relievers cool the skin to alleviate pain. When counterirritants are rubbed on skin, they produce a hot or cold sensation over the pained area to help soothe the pain.


Capsaicin is an ingredient that is found in cayenne peppers. This ingredient blocks pain receptors in the skin. It is found in many different creams and ointments and warms the skin over a joint. When capsaicin is rubbed over the skin, it provides temporary pain relief and blocks Substance P, a chemical which sends pain signals to the brain. Capsaicin is the most studied cream on the market and is used to treat both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Topical NSAIDs

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen can be used to treat arthritis pain and are typically taken by mouth. People who have sensitive stomachs or heart problems and prefer not to take medication orally can use topical NSAIDs for short-term pain relief.

How to Use Arthritis Cream for Pain Relief

Creams are most effective when rubbed on joints which are very close to the surface of the skin, which is why they are commonly used on hands. Arthritis hand cream should be applied as directed a few times a day or whenever there is pain. When using cream, the user is typically instructed to rub a generous amount of cream over the area to relieve pain. Some topical creams can have strong scents as well as greasiness, which is why users should purchase creams which they can apply to their hands that are not greasy or do not contain strong odors. At the end of the day, this will depend on the preference of the user.

What Are the Advantages of Using Hand Cream for Arthritis Pain?

Hand creams provide immediate and effective relief for pain close to the joints, particularly in the hands. Applying cream on the area of pain provides localized relief directly at the source. Creams are a great choice for people who may not like to take pills for pain relief. They are also a great option for immediate relief.

Topical hand creams are also a great alternative to pills like ibuprofen or other pain relievers for users who have sensitive stomachs or heart problems which prevent them from taking pills orally. Although hand creams do not provide long-lasting relief, they are a good solution for temporary relief, which makes them very popular among people who suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis.

Is Arthritis Cream Right for Me?

Creams that relieve arthritis pain in the hands and other parts of the body provide fast and effective relief. They are most effective on smaller joints, which make them a great alternative to pills for arthritis pain in the hands.

Elderly patients who can’t take oral NSAIDs or other painkillers because of stomach or heart problems may find topical creams a great alternative. If you tend to feel queasy and have a sensitive stomach when you take NSAIDs orally, hand creams are a great choice.

People with heart problems may also find advantages in using cream to relieve their arthritis pain. This is because topical creams can reduce heart risk complications that are typically associated with NSAIDs. That being said, it is important to note and understand that active ingredients in hand creams can still get into your bloodstream at a significantly lower rate than typical NSAIDs.

Biofreeze Pain Relief

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel for Arthritis is a roll-on analgesic. This fast-acting pain reliever is long-lasting and helps relieve pain quickly. It is a cooling pain reliever and comes equipped with a massaging roller ball, allowing for easy application. Biofreeze relieves sore muscles, joints, strains, sprains, and bruises.

Biofreeze is a popular pain relief formula which has been clinically researched and can also be used hands-free for other joint and muscle pain on the body. This topical analgesic is used by massage therapists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to relieve and ease pain. This all-in-one cream is a great solution for arthritis hand pain. The bottle is also very compact and easily transportable, which means you can fit it in luggage when traveling, in a bag or a purse, a gym bag, and more. When rolling it on, some people say that it has a strong medicinal scent, which fades fairly quickly.


    • Easy application
    • Quick penetration
  • Can be used on hands and allows for hands-free application on elbows, feet, back, ankle, knee and more
  • Fast-acting
  • Long-lasting
  • Clinically research-proven
  • Made with USP grade ingredients
  • Colorless
  • Compact size for easy transportation


  • Pricier than other similar products
  • Tends to have a strong, medicinal smell.
  • The roller ball can sometimes stick

Penetrex Pain Relief Cream

Penetrex pain relief cream is a strong and long-lasting cream which quickly penetrates and absorbs. Penetrex is used by millions of people all over the world and provides instant relief. It can be applied to all parts of the body including the hands. Penetrex is a great solution because it doesn’t just relieve pain, but it also targets inflammation to reduce pain. Penetrex is non-greasy, non-staining, and is made of ingredients which include arnica, choline, vitamin B6, and more.

With over eight years of research and development put into this product, Penetrex is a trusted, known brand which is a great alternative to other traditional forms of pain relief. Penetrex also comes back with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Vanishing scent
  • Non-staining and non-greasy
  • Long-lasting and fast-acting
  • Uses a unique, revolutionary delivery system
  • Used by millions of people all over the world
  • Has over eight years of backed up research and development
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Can use on various parts of body
  • Never tested on animals
  • Absorbs easily
  • No tingling or numbing feeling


  • Pricier than other brands on the market
  • Not very effective for chronic pain

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm is a popular and effective choice for temporary pain relief for arthritis. It helps with joint and muscle strains, arthritis, and stiff muscles. This natural pain relief ointment is made out of herbal ingredients and consists of ingredients including camphor, cajuput oil, menthol, and clove oil. After applying Tiger Balm directly to the area you are experiencing pain, the ingredients are absorbed into your body. Tiger Balm Produces a warm sensation for instant pain relief and is used by millions of people worldwide every year.

Tiger Balm is quick-acting and has a great reputation. It can be purchased over the counter and is a great remedy for quick pain relief for anyone who suffers from arthritis pain.


  • Made of herbal ingredients
  • Non-staining
  • Great price
  • Popular brand that is used worldwide
  • Made of herbal ingredients


  • Strong smell
  • May cause irritation to sensitive skin types
  • Colored type can stain

Real Time Pain Relief Cream

Real Time Pain Relief Cream has a unique combination of ingredients which target and localize pain to provide relief in just minutes. This unique brand targets both acute and chronic pain and also targets many different types of arthritis. Known for its unique combination of 17 ingredients, Real Time Pain Relief Cream absorbs quickly and is non-greasy and odorless, which means you can use it when you’re on the go. This pain relief cream won’t stain your skin or clothes. Whether you need instant relief while at home, work or on vacation, Real Time Pain Relief is a great solution.


  • FDA-registered, natural ingredients, no artificial colors
  • Odorless
  • Can use anywhere
  • Absorbs quickly and provides quick pain relief
  • Free from harsh chemicals


  • Some users say it is not strong enough
  • Can be expensive
  • Works for short time

Topricin Pain Relief Therapy Cream

Topricin therapy cream is a safe alternative for both prescription and non-prescription pain medication. It provides fast relief for joint and muscle pain. Topricin differs from other pain relief creams because it is moisturizing, odorless and non-staining. It is a top choice because it is non-greasy and can be easily absorbed and rubbed into the hands.

Topricin pain relief therapy cream is ideal for any skin type and even has a long, 22-year history of use in the medical community. It can be used for arthritis pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, and even other pain like lower back pain, ankle sprains or muscle spasms.


  • Non-greasy
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Has been in use in the medical community for over 20 years
  • Odorless
  • Non-staining
  • Does not interfere with other medications
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be used for both the elderly and children
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Not as strong as other arthritis pain relief creams
  • May have to use large amounts for relief
  • No cooling or heating sensation

Our Top Choice

Although each hand cream on this list has their benefits and advantages, the best option for people who suffer from arthritis pain relief is Biofreeze. Not only is it highly recommended by users and health professionals around the world, but it is backed by countless clinical studies and research which make it extremely reliable and trustworthy to use. Unlike some of the other products on this list, Biofreeze provides easy application and can be used hands-free on other parts of the body, which makes it a very versatile product. Although there are many topical creams for arthritis on the market, Biofreeze is the best option for both acute and chronic pain.

Biofreeze Pain Relief is a great alternative to pills or other oral forms of relief. Despite its hefty price tag, it is worth the price.This topical pain relief cream the best on the market according to health professionals all over the world!

Biofreeze is clinically proven to work for those who suffer from severe muscle and joint pain. Not only is Biofreeze long-lasting, but it is also fast-acting and is a great alternative to prescription drugs. It also promotes and helps with more comfortable movements and has over 56 clinical studies which analyze and critique its stellar performance and effect on arthritis pain and other joint and muscle pain. For fast and effective relief, Biofreeze is the solution for you.

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