Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors for Practical Mobility

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When it comes being able to get around quickly and safely, senior citizens need to know that they can move in their own time at their own pace. A 3 wheel bike, also known as the adult tricycle, the adult trike, and the 3 wheel electric tricycle, can make that concept more of a reality for an aging individual. It’s never easy to ask for help and the elderly already have a hard enough time feeling accepted in a society that they might not know that they can reach out for support. This is why accessibility and mobility matter for all people and a 3 wheel bike can be great for a number of different reasons. Depending on the type of bicycle at you decide to invest in, it will make for a very long-lasting investment with added options for these comfort bikes such as hand brakes, a parking brake, single speed, and even rubber pedals if required. None of the 3 wheel bikes you find for sale are going to be cheap, however, so there’s no rush to buy the first option that you find. You’ll want to make sure that you compare models and, if possible, find reviews on your top choices before making that final decision.

There are both electric-powered and manual 3 wheel bikes and they’re both useful in different situations. One of the best things about the 3 wheel bike is the fact that it encourages exercise. Even though it’s not as physically tasking to ride as a bike with two wheels is, a manual 3 wheel bike still requires some physical labor out of the rider. This means that calories are going to be burning off and the muscles are going to continue to get stronger should regular bike riding occur. There are some specific 3 wheel bikes that have been created just for the purpose of exercising and it’s pretty easy to spot those offers if you take a moment out to look for them. Keeping one’s body as fit and sturdy as possible in old age is a huge priority and a 3 wheel bike will help you to make strides in the right direction. We’ve found quite a number of options that could be winning choices and they’ve all got their own pros and cons!

EWheels 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Reaching speeds of up to 18 mph, this mobility bike really means business! You’ll be able to get around wherever you need to go quickly and easily. It can hold riders of up to 350 pounds and you should be able to get 40 to 45 miles out of a single charging cycle. It’s got a transaxle electric motor and shock absorbers as well that will help to ensure that you have the smoothest ride possible. It’s powered by a very capable 48-volt battery that requires no maintenance at all. The 16-inch tires are substantial and will keep you rolling over a number of obstacles with ease. You’ve got both front and rear electromagnetic brake systems: so stopping at a moment’s notice should be of no huge concern if and when that has to happen.

The headrest should help in being sure that you’ve got proper neck support. One of the best things about this choice is the way that it comes shipped to you! You’ll get free standard curbside shipping on this bike and it will be delivered on a pallet at ground level. It’s even got a digital anti-theft feature that will surely discourage thieves from trying to get away with your property. It’s got a number of bright lights right on the front of the bike and there’s even a large storage basket on the back of the bike seat that should keep a number of different things secured. In terms of price, this is without a doubt a more expensive investment than some of the other options that you might come across for sale: but you should find that it’s worth every penny spent. Depending on how well you maintain the bike, you should get numerous years of riding out of this option. There’s only this one color option, so you’d better be in love with that blue hue because that seems to be the only color that this particular model comes in.

Adult Tricycle Large Special Needs Exercise Trike

This particular exercise bike is designed to help even the heaviest of individuals to get the physical activity that they need to maintain any kind of quality of life. It can support up to 550 pounds so that tells us that many different kinds of adults can use this 3 wheel bike with no issue. It’s got a padded backrest, but no fully complete seat that supports the frame like an electric bike would. There are no electric components to this one at all, so it’s designed mainly for exercising purposes—although it could be utilized to get around short distances as well if and when necessary. At first glance, it doesn’t look like it provides much in the way of comfort, so it’s probably not the kind of 3 wheel bike that you want to sit at when you’re not exercising. It’s got very basic comforts and we could imagine it might become somewhat uncomfortable after a few hours or so. Even though it might not look like much, this bike is actually capable of going all-terrain! It’s got dual rear wheels that should help you ease on down whatever path lies ahead. The wheels are more than 32 inches wide and it’s extremely difficult to manage to push this bike over—even with a good amount of force. Off-roading is no worry right here for those with limited mobility! Getting out there for a race with friends now and again could be great fun with this 3 wheel bike to guide you!

Both short and tall people should be more than able to use this trike with no issues whatsoever. This choice has a number of adjustable parts that you can play around with to achieve the best feel. When this 3 wheel bike ships out to your house, the seat will come shipped separately, and there is some assembly you’ll have to do on your own once everything arrives safe and sound. Because of the fact that there are no electrical components to this one, the price is very reasonable. It’s fairly lightweight and easy enough to break down quickly for traveling purposes. Whenever you’re not using it, you can just wheel it into a corner out of your way. The main thing to remember here is that this bike is most suitable for exercise purposes. If you’re more in the market for a leisure type of bike—or one that requires no physical labor on your part—you’ll want to search elsewhere for it. At the end of the day, a choice like this one might not be the best for all-day riding situations.

EWheels 3 Wheel Dude Flame Scooter

Here’s another offering from EWheels that seems to be a winner! It’s got a whole lot of the same specifications as the previously mentioned EWheels 3 wheel bike, but it’s also got some other cool and unique features that make it a “must buy.” The Dude Flame bike comes in a sleek black color with flame detailing that adds a little extra flare. The weight capacity here is 350 pounds, and it can reach a maximum speed of 18 mph, so you’ll be able to get to all of the places you need to be in a jiffy! This bike also has a transaxle differential brushless motor and a 48-volt maintenance-free battery. With tires just a tad bit bigger than 16 inches, you can feel secure in knowing those wheels can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This bike has got a broad headlight and a number of other light sources all over its body—and that should always make it easy to view and assess obstructions a nice long while before they come into full view in front of you.

One of the coolest things about this option is the fact that it has a solar-powered sound system. This is something unique that you won’t find everywhere and you can bet it will make your journeys on your bike that much more enjoyable. It might not be a high-end sound system, but it’s enough to help get you through those boring times. Just like with the other bike, white glove delivery is standard for this choice. It gets delivered to the ground level in front of your home on a pallet and there’s some assembly that will be necessary to complete before you can get to ripping and running on this baby. You could also decide to spend a little more on premium delivery and that would entail delivery persons bringing the 3 wheel bike into your home and assembling it for you.

The seat is completely padded for the most comfortable ride and there’s even a large storage basket that can fit a multitude of different things in it while you’re on the go. It’s got rear shock absorbers attached to the frame and an anti-theft security system to keep your property safe and secure. There’s even a battery indicator that will let you know when it’s time to recharge your bike before you can take it out for another spin.

EWheels Pretty In Pink 3 Wheel Scooter

This particular choice is for the ladies that like something a little more expressive in a 3 wheel bike that shows off their personality! It’s got a stylish look to it and the bright pink color is sure to make you stand out in a crowd. One of the most notable features of this bike is the thousands of Swarovski crystals that adorn the back bumper and the rearview mirrors. The seat itself is completely padded and it has custom upholstery. You can also make the seat recline for an even more comfortable ride. The maximum rider weight for this bike is 350 pounds. You can dart off on this 3 wheel bike at a maximum speed of 18 mph and you can go as many as 45 miles on a single charge. The battery indicator on this one will let you know when it’s time to recharge! You’ll need a key to power this 3 wheel bike, and it’s got an anti-theft system built into it so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to ride off on your bike. It’s powered by a transaxle differential brushless motor and a sturdy 48-watt maintenance-free battery. It’s got tires that are a tad bit bigger than 16 inches and that should make it easy to roll over any obstacles that come your way with no second thought about it. The shock absorbency system will give you the smoothest ride possible no matter what the road ahead might hold. With the standard white glove shipping option, this 3 wheel bike will be delivered to your home at ground level on a pallet. If you prefer, you can choose to pay for the premium delivery option that requires delivery persons to bring the 3 wheel bike into your home to assemble in a room of your choice. This is a great option for those that might not have any handy young people around in their life to assist them.

This 3 wheel bike is a surefire fit for the woman with a diva’s personality. If you like to stand out and be seen wherever you go, you might want to consider investing in this bike! As the most expensive option profiled here, this bike was created to appeal to a very specific base of consumers. Older women looking for a customized look and feel will truly appreciate this choice. All of the customized features that come with this bike is the reason for the very high price tag. There are only a small percentage of people who will invest in this bike, but it should last for years and years to come if it’s properly taken care of. Classy older women with lots of flair and personal style will be drawn to this one!

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