Best In-Home Personal Alarm System Options That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

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Being safe in your own home is important and, for seniors, it can be even more so. Seniors can become a target for thieves and other criminals so having a security system that is prepared and ready to go is one of the best ways to deter those thieves. With each of these systems, you’ll have a simple installation that can be done for you and a simple process for how to use it and keep yourself safe. After all, that’s the most important thing.

However, an in-home personal alarm system is not simply to tackle intruders. They can also act as a personal emergency response system and double up as a medical alert system. In this way, should the person be struggling with anything—maybe they have tripped or injured themselves or cannot find their medication, they can trigger an alarm through fall detection or provide a medical alert for family members and caregivers and can be set up from the base unit, as well as their personal cell phone or other devices, prompting an emergency response.

This ‘panic button’ provides a quick response in a personal emergency and allows for the monitoring of anyone who is elderly and prone to falls or injury and is at risk of burglars. It ensures personal safety through in-home care and offers family members complete peace of mind. Here is our list of the best personal emergency response systems on the market today:

#1 LiveWatch


LiveWatch is a great choice for your home alarm system because you can add on whatever equipment you need for your specific house. That means it’s customizable for everything that you’re looking for.

It also has the ability to send alerts to anyone you want via smartphone, which makes it great for seniors who want someone else to be aware of what’s going on at all times. There are also no fees if you want to cancel and the pricing is variable, based on what you’re really looking for or what you need it to do.

Costs start at only about $30 and up (though not much) from there. You’ll be able to get national coverage as well as 24-hour protection and you get support through a number of different channels. 2 door and window sensors, 1 key fob, and 1 motion sensor are included and everything else is available for you.

#2 MONI Smart Security

The MONI Smart Security System has a lifetime warranty on all of its equipment and provides you with all the information you could possibly want about your home.

You will have to spend a bit more money on this if you want to be able to access information from a mobile device, but that may not be necessary with seniors.

Still, you’re going to have plenty of options to get a basic plan that starts out reasonably priced or add on with customized features that are going to help you stay on top of everything that’s happening in your house. Everything is monitored 24/7, so you’re never going to be without support and protection in case of an emergency and you get great customer service.

You’re also going to have no problem with the system you choose, which can be either a wireless or landline based unit. You do have to sign a contract for a three-year term that auto renews and there is a cancellation fee, but you are going to get some decent features to counter that.

#3 ADT

security systems

ADT is a well-known company for security systems that provides you with a long return period if you decide to cancel your service (six months) and it provides great quality equipment.

Your fees and expenses aren’t necessarily so transparent as you might like, but you’re getting a very low price to start with.

If you want to add on features you’ll need to contact someone to find out more about the costs involved. Plus, there are some fees and there is a three-year contract. You will pay a fee for cancellation (75% of the remaining balance) but you’ll have some additional benefits to this plan.

You do need to have everything professionally installed, though there are a number of wireless devices. There’s also the ability to link your mobile device so you can always arm or disarm as well as check in with your mobile device, but it’s going to cost you more in order to do this.

#4 Link Interactive

Link Interactive

With Link Interactive you’re getting exactly what you want and nothing more. That’s because the company provides you with a la carte equipment. So, you pick what you need and don’t get anything you don’t want.

It also gives you 24/7 home monitoring based on a cellular system and gives you pre-programmed equipment that can be installed by you.

The fees are reasonable, at around $30 per month starting and you can get shorter contracts if you want (though it will default to a 3-year one).The system has touchscreen control options for an added charge, which comes with additional entry sensors and motion detector.

There isn’t a package available at all (other than it comes with a control panel) so you just add all the pieces that you want and pay for each piece then you have a set monthly fee. You get a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee and then you’re set.

#5 Vivnt


Vivnt works with pretty much any smart home device you might have including the Echo, Google Home, and Nest. It also provides nationwide coverage and a lifetime warranty on all of the products they have, which is definitely going to be great for you.

Unfortunately, they require five-year contracts, which is quite a long time to sign up for and you don’t get any breaks if you decide to cancel early. The system itself is cellular-based and has a backup battery so it runs for a long time with no power and doesn’t require cables or cords.

The pricing is about average, with $40 per month to start and you can upgrade as you see fit. You will have to purchase your own equipment, but you can balance the cost of the equipment out monthly instead of paying for it all up front.


No matter which one of these alarm systems you choose, you’re going to have no problem making sure a burglar thinks twice before breaking into your home. A good quality alarm system often keeps you from ever being the target of a crime in the first place but, if you are, it can also help you catch whoever broke in and make sure you’re going to be safe by alerting the authorities quickly—maybe even before you are even aware that an intruder is in the house. Definitely, don’t forget to install one of these alarm systems for yourself and your home.

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