Best Magnifying Glass for Reading

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You might start to notice problems with your vision as you get older. Reading things with smaller fonts becomes a problem and this could cause some problems when you want to write up your bills, look at a menu, or even read your favorite book. According to the National Eye Institute, more than 3 million Americans older than 40 years of age have low vision or even blindness.

The good news is that the right magnifying glass for reading can assist with tasks such as viewing a presentation, reading fine print, and sewing. However, with multiple magnifying lens options to choose from, this can be a daunting task, this guide will help you select the best magnifier as well as give you a detailed review of the top magnifying glass for reading in 2018.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Magnifier

  • Number of Lens Elements

Magnifying glass for reading comes with different lens elements. For low powers, a single lens works best. But, if you’re looking for a correction of chromatic problems and improved resolution, high power magnifiers with two or more lens work best.

  • Depth of Field

The depth of field is the distance between the furthest and closest points at which a magnifier in a fixed position stays. The more the power, the lower the depth of field.

  • Field of View

This is the area seen through a magnifier. The field view and lens diameter decrease as the power increases. At 10x, the field of view is 0.5” while at 5x, the field of view is about 1.5”. Higher power works best for small areas while lower power is ideal for scanning large surfaces.

  • Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance the eye can be from the magnifier while still offering a full field of view. You’ll find comfortable viewing with longer eye reliefs.

  • Coating

Some lenses are coated with an anti-reflection coating which reduces light loss. They are helpful when using low-level light applications.

  • Magnification

The magnification power depends on the working distance, characteristics of your eye, and eye relief distance. You’ll find magnifying glasses with varying magnification power.

The Top Magnifying Glass for Reading in 2018

Fancii LED Hands-Free Magnifying Glass

The Fancii LED hands-free magnifying glass is a simple, yet well-designed magnifier. You will love its lightweight design which makes it easy to hold. The lens is shatterproof acrylic and is 2.3” x 4” which allows for easy reading without a lot of movements.

This magnifying glass comes with LED light bulbs which makes it easy to see what you’re reading. The clarity of the lens is excellent. The only downside with this glass is that its magnifying power is only 2x. This may be low for some users.

Also, you can carry the Fancii magnifying glass with you as its lightweight.


  • Portable due to its lightweight nature
  • Good amount of viewing area
  • The LED bulbs provide extra illumination


  • Some areas are not well lit
  • The 2x magnifying power may be a disadvantage to some users

MagniPros Bright LED Magnifier

The MagniPros LED magnifier features a 4” lens and a dome magnifier which works well when reading any type of document. The magnifier also has 3 LED lights which run on lithium batteries. You’ll love the large viewing area and the 5x magnifying power.


  • Comes with 3 LED lights for extra illumination
  • 5x magnification for easier reading


  • The dome style magnifiers could be a turnoff when reading

Imagniphy LED Magnifying glass with lights

The Imagniphy LED magnifier is a great choice if you have a problem with your eyesight and your work requires you to pay attention to detail. Being a magnifying glass with a set of two lenses, you can see anything you need without struggling.

The 10x and 5x lenses are strong enough to help you read any document. What’s more, the optional LED lights are great if you‘re reading in a place that is a bit darker. The pouch and cleaning cloth means that you can carry these glasses with you.


  • Simple to magnify different objects
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • High-quality and are easy to hold


  • An image can appear distorted along the edges

Magnified Professional Glass

Magnified is a renowned brand for watch repairs and jewelers. This is mainly because of its lightweight design, which makes it easy to maneuver. You can read for hours without straining. This makes it an excellent choice for seniors.

The powerful 45x magnification makes it easy to read and translate maps. Also, the bright LED light ensures that you can see and read in all environments. The lens clarity is fantastic and the handle makes it easy to handle demanding tasks.


  • Features a portable design
  • Comes with a carrying pouch
  • The LED lights provide ample illumination
  • A strong 45x magnification


  • None

Carson PO-55-P 5X Magnifying Glass

Carson has a range of optic products to suit anyone’s preference. The PO-55 is a small, handheld loupe that can fit your pocket. The Carson pocket magnifier is not too expensive and works well for occasional use. Its use is not limited to reading as it can be used to examine stamps, currency, and jewelry.

The lens provides clear, yet a sharp view without distortions or blurs. You will find the fitted LED light convenient when reading under low light conditions. Also, the slide-out design means that you don’t have to deal with damages and scratches.


  • The slide-out construction prevents scratches
  • Ideal for occasional use
  • Light and portable


  • Only works on an image at a close distance

Marrywindix Magnifier

The stylish Marrywindix magnifier features a 3x–15x magnifying glass lens. This magnifier doesn’t compromise on performance despite being cheaper than some renowned brands. Its scratch-free design and the quality lens make it ideal for reading.

Marrywindix magnifier has great color balance and the comfortable handle makes it easy to use.


  • Features a multi-functional design
  • Excellent color balance
  • Has a separate LED lighting system


  • The lens is small

Magnifying glasses are not a new phenomenon. However, modern magnifying glasses have improved functionality and design. With the above magnifying glasses, you’ll have an easy time reading. Remember that the type of magnifying glasses you chose will depend on the type of vision problem you have.

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