Best Scooters for Adult Safety Review

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For those with mobility issues, the advent of the mobility scooter has been a huge positive impact. If you or someone you love is suffering from mobility issues, chances are they are finding it difficult to transition from a life of active mobility to one of limited mobility. This is why mobility scooters for adults are a highly recommended way to help people with limited mobility live life to the fullest. Since these electric mobility scooters first came on the market a decade or so ago, technology has dramatically improved, making these devices more powerful and useful than ever before.

There are tons of different kinds of electric mobility scooters that are designed for people with different kinds of lifestyles in mind. If you have never looked into these before, you will likely be surprised at just how much variety there is out there. It can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you consider that insurance can often play a part in the equation of buying one of these scooters.

In this guide, we will briefly touch on some of the most important things you will want to consider when looking for the right electric mobility scooter for you or someone you love. We will then briefly review a few models of the most popular types of mobility scooter on the market to give you ideas of possible options or simple starting points for further research.

Things to Consider When Buying a Mobility Scooter

It might seem that price is really the prime concern when considering what kind of mobility scooter or disability scooter will work best for you, and yes, it is important, but it is certainly not the only area of concern. But since it is so important and these mobility scooters can be a bit of an investment, cost is where we start. If you do not have insurance, or if your insurance does not cover any part of the cost of an electric mobility scooter, you are going to need to set a budget for yourself. This will help you guide your research and keep you from wasting time looking at options outside your budget.

If you do have insurance, you will need to determine whether or not they cover any part of the cost for a mobility scooter. It really does depend across not only providers, but plan type as well. There are a wide range of insurance providers that will cover part or even all of the cost of a mobility scooter or disability scooter. However, there are likely to be certain stipulations about what type of scooter qualifies, what models within certain brands, as well as where or who the scooter needs to be purchased through in order for the insurance to be properly billed.

Once you have your insurance and budget figured out, you will need to think about your lifestyle. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you travel a lot? Do you have a need to navigate tight spaces or is stability and comfort your biggest concern? The answers to these questions will determine what kind of scooter you want. There are heavy duty, all-terrain scooters that are designed to handle rough terrain and have more power, bigger tires, and greater range (more miles) than other scooters. There are three and four wheel mobility scooters. Three wheeled scooters are more agile, four wheeled are sturdier. Within these subgroups are also travel oriented scooters or luxury scooters. Travel oriented scooters will be lightweight, easy to take apart or fold up. Luxury scooters will have expanded features and cushier seating.


Aside from this brief aside, we will be reviewing models that can easily be purchased from popular retailers like Amazon. However, we will first touch on companies like Hoveround. Not only is Hoveround one of the original makers of electric mobility scooter, their company has the resources to help potential customers purchase the model they want and also use their insurance in the process. Hoveround is still one of the most popular and recommended makers of mobility scooter. They have models that are three wheeled, four wheeled, travel oriented, and all-terrain.

If you have an insurance plan that covers electric mobility chairs but requires you to go through a specialized service rather than a regular retailer, you will want to look towards brands like Hoveround that are equipped to handle insurance claims.

Pride Mobility Go-Go Traveler Elite

Pride Mobility is one of the most trusted and reputable makers of electric mobility scooters. They have a wide range of different models to meet varied needs and different lifestyles. Their Go-Go Traveler Elite is an excellent choice for those who want a luxury, four wheeled electric scoote´╗┐r that is a great combination of stability and comfort. For less than $1500, this is an excellent buy.

The scooter features enhanced comfort features and is designed with the navigator in mind. It comes with easy to access wraparound controls. With more power than many comparable four wheeled and larger wheels, it is well suited to a wide range of different types of terrain while still providing a smooth, safe, and stable ride. It features a tight turning radius for a four wheeled scooter and can hold up to 325 pounds.

For those who suffer from limited mobility issues or that have someone they love who does, a high quality electric mobility scooter is a great way for them to have as much freedom and control over their lives as possible. These are well constructed, safe ways for people with limited mobility to get around a wide array of different types of terrain. Whether you get a model that is better suited for traveling, for sitting in for long periods of time, or that can handle rough terrain, there is a high quality model that will fit all your needs and let you live the life you want to.

This guide gives you the basics you need to start you on your way to finding the perfect mobility scooter for your needs. You will need to look into your insurance, set up a budget, and decide what features are most important in a scooter before you ever start shopping. Doing so will help guide your research, save you time, and ensure that the model you ultimately chose is one that will work for your needs. Whether you choose one of the models we briefly reviewed here or you use this guide as a starting point for further research, we’re sure you’ll be incredibly pleased with the greater mobility you have with one of these scooters.

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