Best Step Stool with Handle Options for the Elderly

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Safety needs to be the main priority if you’re responsible for an elderly loved one’s care. This is especially true if your loved one moves into your home or they want to remain at home. Our homes are where we are most comfortable, but they are also environments that can pose safety risks for seniors. Luckily, there are several things you can do, items you can install, and tools you can have on hand that makes at-home living much easier and safer for the elderly.

Senior safety issues can seem overwhelming at first, but if you go through the senior’s environment step-by-step and consider potential hazards, it’ll be easier to determine what needs to be done to ensure the area is risk-free.

One of the primary hazards seniors face is trying to reach areas that are higher than they can when standing on the floor. When we’re younger, we stretch and stand on tip-toes. If things are higher than tip-toes allow, we’ll get a bench or stool to lift us higher. As we get older, our balance isn’t the same as it once was and stretching isn’t as easy as when we were younger. Not to mention the risk of pulling a muscle or bending the wrong way can pose.

A step stool is an option that can be safe for the elderly and prevent injuries related to stretching too high, but it’s important the stool has a handle. There are plenty of stools available that offer stability and balance, without putting seniors at risk. Best of all, these stools are affordable and convenient to keep in your home, and you might even find people other than your senior loved one uses the stool to reach items that are up high.

Below is a list of a few of our favorite option for step stools for seniors with stainless steel handles for elderly loved ones with each offering a different maximum weight capacity and other features like being a folding step stool and having non-slip rubber to ensure that the elderly people in your life are safe and won’t slip or fall.

Duro-Med Step Stool with Handle, Silver and Black Medical Step Stool

This stool makes it easy to reach objects that are just out of our grasp. It features a single handrail and offers plenty of stability. The stool is appropriate for stepping into beds that are higher off the ground than standard beds, as well as getting into vehicles and reaching items on higher up shelves.

This stool features a non-slip textured grip matting, as well as reinforced rubber tips on the feet to prevent slipping—a great feature which makes the stool even safer for seniors.The stool measures 10x14x9.5 inches with a step height of 8 and 3 quarter inches and is capable of holding up to 250 pounds.

Drive Medical Footstool with Non-Skid Rubber Platform and Handrail

This step stool features a non-skid ribbed rubber platform and reinforced rubber feet to prevent slipping. It works well in bathrooms and kitchens, or anywhere you need a boost. It has steel-welded silver vein construction and arrives fully assembled. Its handrail provides additional stability and security. This stool has dimensions of 11x14x9 inches with a handle height of 34” and is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.

AdjustaStep DoubleSafe Deluxe Step Stool/Footstool with Dual Handle/Handrail, Height Adjustable

This height adjustable stool allows you to customize the stool height to your specific needs. It’s one of the only stepping stools with two handrails, making it one of the safest options on the market. It’s also not made in China and claims to produce no off-gassing odors that are found in many other products. It has a modern, clean blue and white design, and looks great in nearly every home. Its all-metal construction is strong and sturdy and offers reliability and durability.

Kleeger Step Stool Support Ladder: With Handrail Safe Non-Slip Platform, Cushion Grip Handle Bar

This step stool is a great lightweight option that offers all the safety and support of a heavier step stool. The step measures 10 x 14 9.5 inches, and the stool is capable of supporting up to 350lbs. It can be used both indoors and outside.

The non-slip textured step ensures extra stability and the cushioned gripped handrail handle makes climbing safe and easy. It also features reinforced rubber feet to prevent slipping off the stool. This is an important feature because, in addition to worrying about a senior loved one slipping or falling, you also need to consider if the stool itself can stay in place and not slide around.

Delxo 2 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool Steel Stepladders with Handgrip Anti-slip Sturdy and Wide Pedal Steel Ladder 330lbs White and Black Combo 2-Feet

This step stool measures 18×23.2×32.3 inches and can be folded and stored easily. It is capable of supporting up to 330 lbs of weight. The stool comes fully assembled and is one of the best space saving options available. Not only is this stool convenient to keep in your home, it’s a great option to use on the go if you need to take a stool with you.

This stool features a padded handgrip that makes it easier to climb onto the step and to carry the stool. It’s perfect for chores around the house, reaching objects that are stored higher up, or even for use as a seat if you’re going somewhere that requires standing in a line and/or waiting. Because it’s easily transportable, simply fold and carry the stool with you until you need to sit down.

Additionally, the stool features a non-slip rubber pattern with an extra wide step to make climbing safe and comfortable. The step also eliminates any foot pain or fatigue, which is great if you need to stand in place with stability and comfort for any length of time.

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