Best Toilet Safety Rails for Senior Living

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Bathroom issues are one of the biggest struggles seniors face. It’s the one room we want the most independence, but it’s also the room where the most accidents occur. It’s also the room where seniors experience the greatest deal of struggles. The space is usually small and requires a lot of sitting and standing, in addition to climbing into and out of the shower or tub. Unfortunately, as our loved ones age, it’s the bathroom where they require the most assistance.

The good news is there are products out there that can make using the bathroom much safer and easier for seniors. For instance, if the problems using the bathroom are related to sitting and standing when using the toilet, toilet safety rails can provide stability and assistance. Many toilet safety rails can be left in place, so seniors can use the bathroom independently, but with the help of a safety device that reduces their risk of falling.

Stand Alone Toilet Rail by Vive – Medical Bathroom Safety Assist Frame

Like with tub and shower grab bars and bed rails, toilet safety rail systems are also very affordable and incredibly effective. For a very competitive price, you get peace of mind that your loved one won’t fall or get stuck on the toilet, and they can use the bathroom without the assistance of another person. These stainless steel toilet seat grab bars a small price to pay to provide this much independence and privacy to those we care about most.

Choosing a Toilet Safety Rail for Senior Loved Ones

Choosing the right toilet safety rail for your senior loved one can feel a little overwhelming because you have so many choices. There are a lot of great options on the market, but not all of them measure up.

The most important thing to realize when buying a toilet safety rail or any safety device is that price shouldn’t be the most important factor. You might have a budget, but it’s better to not buy the cheapest option just because it costs less. The opposite is true too: do not assume the most expensive option is the safest.

Your best bet is to evaluate all of your choices and then decide if the one you prefer is affordable. If the option you believe to be the best is a little too expensive, chances are there’s something comparable for a lower price. And, when it comes to toilet rails, there really aren’t any options that are very expensive, so chances are you’ll be able to afford the model you believe to be the safest.

What do we consider the best toilet safety rails for senior living?

Casiva Premium Toilet Safety Rail – Strong, Secure Bathroom Safety Frame with Adjustable Height for Toilet Assist Handrail Grab Bar

This rail offers, safety, security, and strength. It’s designed to provide comfort when sitting or rising from the toilet. It’s made of durable heavy-duty aluminum and is able to support as much as 300 pounds. The design of the Casiva is intended to preventing slipping and falling.

This model fits all standard-sized toilets and has an adjustable design that lets you set up a safety rail ranging in height from 26″ to 31.5″ and width from 21.5″ to 26.5″. The goal is to provide the safest, most comfortable option for users. It’s easy to assemble and install and comes with a lifetime money back guarantee.

Toilet Safety Frame by Vive – Adjustable, Compact Support Hand Rails for Bathroom Toilet Seat – Easy Installation for Handicap Senior Bariatrics & Elderly

This toilet safety rail allows seniors to sit and stand without concern for slipping and falling. It also provides extra support for users that aren’t quite as strong and agile as they used to be. It can support up to 300 pounds and is ideal for anyone recovering from injuries, suffering from arthritis, or concerned about balance issues.

The rail fits all standard toilets, as well as those that are elongated or oval in shape. The rail height can be adjusted from 17” to 20”, which ensures a comfortable, functional bar for support. There are soft, non-slip grip handles, which makes it even easier and more comfortable to use for sitting and standing. It’s also easy to assemble and comes with a lifetime unconditional guarantee. This lightweight, durable aluminum toilet safety rail is competitively priced and will protect your loved ones against a slip or a fall.

Healthline Trading Toilet Safety Frame Adjustable Legs

This toilet safety rail offers an adjustable height ranging from 18” to 24”, so it’s comfortable for just about all users. It’s made from aluminum and can be easily and securely attached to the floor. There is also a range of width so users of all sizes can sit and rise comfortably when using the toilet. This is a great budget-friendly, sturdy option that will not let you down.

Carex Toilet Support Rail, Steel Support Rail with Adjustable Width, for Assistance Sitting and Standing from Toilet

The Carex toilet safety rail is made of steel and comes with everything you need for installation. It attached directly to the toilet and features adjustable cushioned handles that offer support and comfort.

The great thing about this toilet safety rail is that it can be adjusted in width with nothing more than the push of a button. The handles can be expanded from 16” to 18” wide, which easily fits most toilets. It’s also easy to transport, so if you’ll be traveling anywhere with a senior loved one you can pack it up and take it along with you. This toilet safety rail is easy to install and offers just the right amount of support and assistance for anyone who needs extra help but isn’t ready to give up their independence or privacy. It can also be used by the disabled and by pregnant women who are struggling in their later months of pregnancy.

Carex Health Brands Bathroom Safety Rail

This Carex safety rail offers a standalone design that can be used at either the sink of the toilet. This means that one safety tool can help you with a variety of bathroom issues. It requires no installation and is easy to assemble. We love this one because it’s not only great for sitting or standing up from the toilet but can also offer support and balance when standing.

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