Best Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor For Senior Citizens: Top 5 Reviews

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Blood pressure (BP) is one of those things that can causes you trouble all your life but, as you get older, it can become an even bigger problem. Worse still, sometimes it is too late for patients to do anything about a problem. That’s why it’s so important to monitor your blood pressure as you age.However, imagine that there was something that was almost invisible that could constantly check whether you had high blood pressure, checked your heart rate, and significantly reduced the risk of hypertension and a heart attack.

Well, with a wearable blood pressure monitor, you can. Approved by the American Heart Association, these cuffless blood pressure monitors, also known as wrist blood pressure monitors, though small, include wearable sensors that record all the vital signs data and measurements relating to blood. With this wearable technology, you always know what your BP is and you can make sure that it stays in the healthy levels you need for your own safety.

#1 QardioArm

qardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The QardioArm straps around your upper arm and allows you to see your blood pressure readings on any mobile device including a smartphone or tablet. It also lets you see your readings on a color-coded chart, which is definitely a bonus because you can see how you’re ranking based on what’s considered healthy.

Medically accurate, it’s also simple to use, though it’s not something that you’ll be wearing all the time because it’s a large and bulky unit. You’ll have to carry it with you and get readings when you want them.It is transportable and is simple to use with your mobile device, just unwrap it, slide it on your arm, and push the start button on your mobile device to get started.

When it’s done reading, it will let you know the results and you can even send those results to whoever you want, including your family members and your doctor. This is great for seniors that don’t need constant blood pressure monitoring, but who do need to keep their doctor in the loop in case of a problem or sudden change in their numbers.

#2 IHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor


The iHealth Wireless Monitor fits on your wrist and provides you with accurate results that connect via Bluetooth to your favorite mobile devices. You can slide the band onto your wrist and take your blood pressure whenever you want using the free app that connects with this device.

It will allow you to get a quick reading, no matter where you are and can easily be used when you’re traveling. You’ll also be able to see your results based on a chart of healthy blood pressure readings so you can tell if you’re doing well or if you should be doing something to bring down your numbers. FDA approved and clinically tested, the unit is easy to use and easy to transport because it’s small.

It also lets you see trends in your blood pressure whenever you want so you’re aware of what’s going on with your own body. The smart device you use can also connect your doctor and other loved ones so you can quickly send them the information from your latest reading. It’s even able to detect irregular heartbeats and can store more than one user and as many readings you want.

#3 CharmCare H2

CharmCare H2

The CharmCare H2 is definitely a unique device because it doesn’t just monitor your blood pressure when you want, it actually stays on your wrist like a smartwatch and monitors constantly. You’ll be able to see your blood pressure readings directly on the band and you can wear it all the time.

Therefore, you don’t have to think about checking your blood pressure as the device does it for you. It then can send the information to whoever you want, whenever you want—without you having to even think about it. Better still, you can monitor the numbers on any mobile device or your computer.

When you need a little bit of help with getting your numbers where you should be you’ll have no problem with this either because the device recommends activities and even food based directly on the blood pressure readings it gets. All in all, you’re getting a unit that you hardly even have to think about in order to use. You just slip it on every day and it’s going to help you stay healthier and keep an eye on your own blood pressure just like that. It’s definitely going to be more versatile and usable than many other similar systems.

#4 Omron Healthcare Project Zero

Omron Healthcare Project Zero

If you’re looking for something really high tech that will be easy to wear no matter where you go or what you’re doing, the Omron Healthcare Project Zero is a great way to go. At this point, it’s still not quite available. The FDA is still working on clearing it for general use, but it’s definitely going to be something completely new in the blood pressure monitoring space.

That’s because it’s able to do a whole lot more than you might think and it does it all without being completely obvious to the people around you. This device looks like a high-tech smartwatch and all you have to do is push the button to get a reading of your blood pressure.

Not only that, but it helps you monitor your physical activity, your sleep and a whole lot more. It also has an app that lets you check all of this information whenever you want and you can share it with whoever you want in a number of different ways. Even better, it’s fully rechargeable so all you need to do is plug it in once a week and it will be ready for you whenever and wherever you need it or want to take it.


With any of these blood pressure monitors, you can easily strap it onto your wrist and let the machine do the rest of the work for you. It will keep track of what your blood pressure is doing and help you do the things you need in order to get that blood pressure lower when needed or even higher when needed. Whichever one you’re more comfortable with, you’ll easily be able to keep track and make sure you can let your doctor know what your blood pressure has been doing on a normal basis.

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