Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical Review

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The Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical is a top of the line electric wheelchair with many capabilities and perks that will make life easier for you or your wheelchair-bound loved one. Being an electric wheelchair, it has an interior motor that allows the wheelchair to propel itself forward with no exertion on the part of the user.

It comes in three different seat widths: 18-inches, 20-inches, and 22-inches. It has a folding capability, so it is easier to store away when not being used. It’s battery powered, and a battery for the wheelchair is included with the purchase.

The size proportions of the Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical are as follows. Keep in mind that these measurements are based on the 18-inch model, and, if another model is purchased, the measurements may deviate slightly.

The weight of the wheelchair is 146-pounds with the battery inserted. Its seat-to-floor height is 18.5-inches, and the overall height is 36-inches. The overall width is 26-inches when not folded, and its length sits at 42.5 inches. The depth of the seat of the wheelchair is 16-inches.

The controller of the wheelchair is mounted upon the armrests, and this controller is programmable. The mount upon which the controller is placed can have its length adjusted at the user’s discretion.

A joystick is used to control the chair. A joystick is more intuitive and convenient than button control, as it provides a more organic and optimal one-to-one movement experience while riding the wheelchair.

The Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical is made for the comfort and convenience of the end user. This is exemplified by many of its qualities. The seat and its back are both padded for this purpose. There is a positioning belt included to help secure the user within the chair without risk of being jolted out of the position or falling out of the wheelchair completely.

The leg rests and arm rests are both padded as well. The arm rests are also adjustable and removable. This allows the user extensive control over the wheelchair, and they can customize their experience to a great degree. The footrests are adjustable too. They can be swung out of the way.

Heel and calf straps also work to keep the wheelchair user in place without the fear of their legs being jostled out of an optimal position. This is important, as, if the legs are moved out of the proper position, there is a potential for blood clots due to closed joints. The wheelchair also includes a pocket on the back of the seat which allows for the user to store away their possessions while riding the chair.

The wheels of the Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical are incredibly advanced and ideal for a wheelchair of this kind. They are anti-tip, which prevents the wheels from scuffing or leaving marks on a hardwood floor. The tires are resistant to going flat, so you won’t be stuck due to damaged and flattened tires, which can be very frustrating.

A manual lock is included to allow the wheelchair user to completely halt the movement of the tires. This allows for control over the wheelchair when one wants it to stay in place. This can also function as a manual brake locking system. The wheelchair has a maximum speed of 5.5-miles per hour. This is a brisk pace though it is not too fast.

However, a high speed capacity is not ideal in a wheelchair, as it could potentially become a danger to the user. The wheelchair has a maximum weight capacity of 300-pounds, so it is not recommended for any individuals with a larger frame or build.

This wheelchair has passed the ANSI RESNA safety test. This means that it has been tested through the regulations of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Institute of North America, an accredited organization under the American National Standards Institute.

These are organizations that assure the quality of products, particularly those that aid and rehabilitate individuals with physical disabilities. This is a considerable accreditation and assures a standard of quality of this model.

The overall Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical is made from a carbon steel material. The color of the wheelchair is black with a silver vein finish.

It does not provide options for different colors, so any color alterations would have to be administered by the customer. Given the fact that this is an electric wheelchair, it isn’t advisable for someone who is not particularly knowledgeable about painting this kind of equipment.

The Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical is a very advanced and top of the line wheelchair that is recommendable to anyone with a disability which leaves them bound to a wheelchair. Its seat, arm rests, and leg rests are all padded for the user’s comfort.

The wheels are of high quality, sturdy, and won’t mark the floor. The joystick control allows for intuitive and adequate movement through the wheelchair. A battery is included, so one will not have to be purchased separately. The folding allows for it to be stored away with ease.

Like most electric wheelchairs, the Cirrus Plus Powered Wheelchair by Drive Medical is considerably heavy, so it will not be easy to transport from place to place when not being used. It’s also considerably pricey, so it requires a bit of an investment to purchase. That being said, it is a purchase that is worth the price, and it is a highly recommended wheelchair.

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