Do Mobility Scooters Need Insurance

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Clear the Doubts about “Do mobility scooters need insurance?”

Mobility scooters are for the elderly or disabled people who are not able to move around too much. Many senior citizens prefer to have them because as you age, it gets harder to move around as easily.

It can be challenging to grow old because you become dependent on so many things that you prefer that it can feel like you lose your freedom in the process. Well, there are ways in which you can get your life on the right track without depending on anyone –– namely, using a mobility scooter.

As it is a vehicle, many people wonder if a mobility scooter requires insurance. Well, the answer is that it is not necessary to get insurance, but it is recommended to get it because of certain benefits it will provide you in the case of any emergency.

Mobility scooters are easy to drive, and they do not require much effort to operate. If you are driving it on the road, you do not need a license for it, but you do have to register it so that it is under your name.

Many people in western countries prefer to get the mobility scooters when they grow old because they do not like to ask anyone to get them things because they are in the habit of doing everything by themselves.

Here are some of the benefits of the question that “do mobility scooters need insurance”?

Another name for mobility scooter is the powered. It is an automatic chair with the wheels that you can operate with just your fingers. It becomes an essential part of people’s lives because they can move around more easily using the wheelchair.

Insurance is not essential, but most experts say that you should have insurance due to different benefits it affords, including your peace of mind. You can move anywhere without any worries with an insured mobility scooter.

Some of the benefits of buying insurance along with your mobility scooter are as followings:

  • Covers liability
  • Covers the damages due to natural mishaps, such as flood or fire.
  • Theft coverage
  • If it breaks, covers the expense
  • You can get a scooter replaced
  • If there is an accident, that is also covered by the insurance

Many people face the breakdown issue of the mobility scooters and if they have insurance, then this kind of breakdown can be covered easily and without any hassle. There is no legal requirement to have insurance for a mobility scooter, but it will be better for you if you have insurance. Here are some additional reasons insurance can come in handy.


  • If it is damaged or stolen, insurance covers it
  • If you get into an accident, insurance covers it
  • Even if you are a great driver and you get into an accident, the insurance still covers it

So, basically with insurance you are safe from every side. Some of the updated scooters are expensive to purchase, and if you do not have insurance in case of the accident, you’ll have to make the purchase all over again.

There are different types of insurance that you can get, such as third party insurance and insurance that covers any damages to your vehicle. The third party insurance covers any injury you may cause to someone else and the second one ensures that your vehicle gets fixed no matter who’s at fault.

Here are some of the other incidences covered by mobility scooter insurance: Any accidental damage, fire damage, flood damage, loss damage, public liability, home expenses, temporary coverage, personal injury, personal effects and much more.


A lot of people get lazy and do not get insurance for the mobility scooters but in reality, they should be getting the insurance because senior citizens need it the most. You never know what may happen, so it is better to get the right insurance package for yourself upfront so that you are secure.

The insurance does not cost you a great deal; instead it is a very reasonable cost. You can check several forms of insurance for mobility scooters and avail the services without any hassle.

The services provide you all kind of security by taking full responsibility of the scooter without bothering you. You just pay a certain amount every month, and you are good to go. With cars, you are legally required to have insurance, but for mobility scooters, there is no legal binding requiring that you get insurance. It totally depends on you whether or not you want it.

With insurance, you can enjoy the benefits of a mobility scooter carefree. A mobility scooter itself is expensive, and insurance can save you from purchasing it again if you face damage to it. It is a wise decision to make so make sure to take it into consideration when making your purchase.

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