Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Walker Review

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There are more than just a few types of walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and mobility aids available on the market today. It is important to consider the factors and your own personal preferences when buying your walker, since they are all designed with unique features.

You should consider whether the indoor and outdoor capabilities of the mobility aid you want to purchase suites your specific needs. A deluxe two button walker is an optimized choice of walker. It is one of the best models on the market, owing to its strength and durability.

Drive Medical have their own product variations when it comes to walkers, produced and designed with unique, innovative features.

The Drive Medical deluxe two button walker is a quality mobility aid for the elderly, and people with immobility issues. These products are made to a standard that is one of the best in this field, bringing preferences and options based on the needs of their consumers.

One critical factor is its lightweight capabilities, as the elderly or the immobile don’t have much strength, compared to other people, so the weight of the walker needs to be much lighter, in order for it not to be a burden on them in their daily life.


The Drive Medical deluxe two button walker offers many great features for a model in its style. One of the primary reasons this walker is in such demand is that it allows its users to perform daily activities, like walking in the park for fresh air, roaming around the house or neighborhood, and even as a tool for basic exercise.

It is important for a walker to be designed and constructed for lightweight use only. In addition to being lightweight and easy to maneuver, this walker combines strength and durability for your safety. Apart from this, its construction incorporates a 1” diameter to guarantee your safety.

Moreover, it comes with wheels, and simple, easy-to-use buttons, allowing you to push it along using just your fingers or palms. Its hand grip is vinyl-contoured, for a more relaxing hold on the walker itself.

In addition, they’ve designed the rear glide cap, in order for the walker to slide easily, specifically over certain rough surfaces. You will also notice the frame is U-Shaped, which is a good thing as it offers improved clearance, whenever you’re walking.


  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Great price
  • Large wheels


  • Can’t be well adjusted
  • Some accessories are not compatible


The Drive Medical deluxe two button walker offers a truly great choice for beginner users, as it is offered at an affordable price. It can be easily assembled, so it will not give you any serious resistance when you use it. It is sturdy enough to provide the safety and security you need, especially in the early stages of learning to use this type of vehicle.

Additionally, the lightweight feature aids the person using it. Its large wheels glide easily, running through and over any surfaces, whether smooth or rough. Be careful, however, as the back legs can become stuck, since it is built with no wheels. People who are undergoing therapy or exercise can make use of it to ease their transition from hospital to home.

On the other hand, one of the major drawbacks to this product is that it cannot be adjusted to specific heights, so people who are taller or smaller than the average person may struggle using this.

Therefore, it is important to try it out before purchasing, as you might end up not using it at all. In addition, a few of the universal accessories one might expect from this model of vehicle might not fit into this particular walker, such as cups and the like.

Possible Alternative

Since walkers are becoming a necessity for people who have mobility issues, many manufacturers and distributors have begun producing different versions of their own mobility aids. Most of them differ in style and materials used for production, in order to give consumers the high-quality experience they deserve.

Duro-Med is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to mobility aids, and they produce their own version of this walker, that many people actually prefer.

Duro-Med’s lightweight folding walker also features a two-way button, but assembly is not necessary. It is simply an open-and-fold walker, for your convenience. It has a beautiful metallic finish that looks classy.

This folding walker is made up of high-quality aluminum, without compromising its lightweight design, and it is incredibly easy to carry everywhere you go. Its height is easily adjustable, as well. Moreover, the wheels are big so it can glide on both smooth and rough surfaces.

Also, the rubber tips are slip resistant, and will allow you to experience mobility in complete security. Like the Drive Medical walker, this model’s grips are molded soft foam, created to give you an exceedingly comfortable hold.


As a final verdict, this is a fantastic option for consumers looking to invest in a high-quality walker. The Drive Medical deluxe two button walker features lightweight construction, in line with the needs of most of its users.

It is also necessary to consider the materials used, without compromising the weight of the walker, since elders and people with mobility issues will need to use it while maintaining their comfort.

It is also important to ask for feedback from some family and friends who may have already purchased similar mobility aids, as they can attest to the quality of the product itself.

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