Drive Medical DV8 Steerable Knee Walker Review

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Recovering from an injury or foot surgery is physically frustrating and emotionally stressful. It can affect everyday routines. Walking, for instance, becomes difficult. Foot injuries restrain us from enjoying an active lifestyle and can even affect our mood and ability to do work.

While many people with foot injuries use crutches as an ambulation aid, they are not the ideal choice for everyone. Though helpful, crutches can cause pain and tension in the shoulders. People who use crutches also cannot propel their arms freely.

On the other hand, many patients use the traditional walker. But just like crutches, the traditional walker is not the best option. Walkers tend to for patients to hop using the able foot, which is something anyone with a foot problem would prefer not to do, especially if patient wants a casual walk on the street or go out for groceries.

Drive Medical DV8 Steerable Knee Walker will solve that ambulation aid issue. It lets you walk comfortably – in the most casual way possible – without compromising the injured foot and without stressing your shoulders. The product name itself describes why you will love the Drive Medical D8 – it is steerable and gives practical walking support.


Unlike crutches and traditional walkers, Drive Medical DV8 Steerable Knee walker will let you walk securely. It has several unique features that crutches and traditional walkers cannot offer.

Drive Medical DV8 is a walker with four built-in wheels. The look is quite comparable to a kids’ scooter. It has a cushion designed as a resting pad for the injured foot. This knee walker has an aluminum frame that guarantees durability for long-term usability.

Drive Medical DV8 has an easy-to-maneuver steering bar with brakes installed on either side. The brakes are very user-friendly and provide a quick and easy full stop.

Installed on the back wheels are two brake pads that immediately halt the walker when the brakes are triggered. The knee walker also has a brake lock button on the handle bar that lets brake pads lock the wheels to secure parking.

This knee walker is versatile and can support users of any height. To allow your knee walker to be adjusted proportionally to your height, the handle bar is adjustable; no tools are required. The kneepad is also easy to adjust – you simply alter the knob below the kneepad according to your preferred knee pad height.

Drive Medical DV8 is easy to fold for your transport convenience and for easy storage. It weighs 19 lbs. so you can carry it anytime, anywhere. This knee walker can also be accessorized with a cup holder, lights and wired basket on the handle bar.


  • Easy to steer knee walker for improved movement
  • Cut-resistant seamless cushion for the injured foot
  • Adjustable knee pad for enhanced knee support and a comfortable fit
  • Alterable handle bar height
  • Caster wheels for advance floor grip perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Brake lock support for secured parking
  • Foldable and compact design convenient for transport and storage
  • Handle bar can be accessorized with added features
  • Made from aluminum frame with silver steel finish
  • Responsive braking system for quick halt and driving control on terrains


  • Poorly assembled brake bars
  • Caster design can cause tripping or loss of balance when wheels hit small ground objects
  • The overall structure will most likely put the user’s weight on the handle bars instead on the cushion
  • The brand logo Drive is elevated on the padded seat and may rub the knee
  • Low quality aluminum frame was used. Better for the aesthetic but less appealing from a quality perspective
  • No repair kit included
  • Steering turns the whole front of the knee walker that can cause tripping when steered uncaringly


Drive Medical Steerable Knee Scooter is a good alternative to crutches or a traditional walker. The design is good and the features are impressive.

The brake feature is exceptional for providing safety to the user, as it is very responsive. The handle bar has an excellent grip. The adjustable handle bar height and padded seat are perfect for tweaking the knee walker to your desired settings.

Patients with an injured knee or foot are usually prohibited from bearing weight, so a basket on the knee walker is a good feature to add. The frame of the knee walker is classic while the silver finish gives a premium look.

Possible Alternatives

If you want something more advance than the Drive Medical Steerable Knee Scoter, you can try the All-Terrain KneeRover Pro. It has 12-inch pneumatic tires that can go over plains and rougher surfaces – be it grass, concrete, terrain or just the office carpet. It has a full aluminum frame.

One of the unique features of the All-Terrain KneeRover Pro is the shock technology installed on the knee scooter. The cushion is seamless and has a very smooth surface. It has powerful clamp brakes on the front to give you a halt when you need it. The knee scooter comes with a knee-walker backpack to carry all the essentials.


The Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker is a great concept but has some poor implementations. The quality could have been better. The wheels are somewhat narrow, which can become problematic if you happen to hit a small objects. The pivoted axle could also have been engineered better.

However, the braking system is impressive and the adjustable feature is very practical. Knee walkers are intended to assist injured patients, not to add more pain to them. The price of this one is reasonable and the Drive Medical Steerable Knee walker is recommendable for buyers with tight budget.

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