Freedom Alert Emergency Response System Reviews for Senior Citizens

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Established in 2006, the main focus of LogicMark, the company behind Freedom Alert and Guardian Alert 911, is to bring innovation to medical alert systems for seniors. They offer standard medical alert units as well as personal emergency response systems that are able to connect senior citizens to relatives or 911. This saves time and money by not having to get in touch with the control center, which could very well save a life.

Unlike other companies that operate their elder care services through a call center that seniors need to contact in an emergency, the Logicmark Freedom Alert and Guardian Alert 911 let users dial directly through to 911 or a family member.

Freedom Alert is a personal emergency response system (PERS) and is suitable for seniors, physically disabled people or anyone at risk in a nursing home, at a private residence, or an elder care facility.

The Guardian Alert 911 allows you to communicate with a 911 operator at the push of a button. The pendant can be worn around the user’s neck, wrist, or on a belt with a clip on. With this system, you can have a two-way conversation with a 911 operator.

There are definite advantages to these two Alert Emergency Response Systems, like the easy setup, as well as a few negatives including the cost. For the purposes of this review, we’ll look at both.

Their Services

LogicMark has taken the needs of seniors into consideration to provide a system that gives the user a level of independence, a feeling of safety and the necessary services to achieve both. The company has two different systems available.​

Standard System

life sentry system image

The standard base station system is similar to a lot of medical alert products offered by other companies. The Sentry Pal, Life Sentry and Caretaker Sentry system are all connected to a station, with trained operators answering your calls, alerting 911 as well as getting hold of people on your contact list. The pendant is programmed to check all the connections with home consoles and sends messages in the case of any malfunctions.

Freedom Alert and Guardian Alert 911 Systems

Freedom Alert and the Guardian Alert 911 systems fall under the company’s second group. These systems skip the monitoring center and contacts 911 dispatchers or family members as soon as the emergency button is pressed. The Guardian Alert 911 is suitable for users who are able to communicate and explain the emergency. It automatically dials the local emergency dispatchers and the user is able to communicate directly with the operator.

freedom alert 911 system image

​On the other hand, the Freedom Alert System contacts 911 and it can also be programmed with as many as four contacts. There are three different modes, namely relatives, relatives and 911 or just 911. The system enables the user to dial 911 while on a phone call, allowing an emergency dispatch to be alerted manually. This is especially helpful if the senior citizen loses consciousness while talking.

Monitoring Equipment

Using Freedom Alert (and Guardian Alert 911) means you only purchase the base station without having to worry about a contract or monthly fees. The pendant, which is worn by the user, gives seniors peace of mind knowing they aren’t only able to use the system within audibility range of the console, and they don’t have to be able to move to get to the console in the case of an emergency.

guardian alert 911 system image

The pendant is waterproof and can reach the base up to 600 feet away, it has a backup battery for an additional 24 hours and it’s compatible with VoIP lines and landlines. The system sends out audible confirmations during system tests, shutdown or while dialing, so users don’t have to worry about reading small messages. We also like that the different buttons’ functions are written in Braille for the visually impaired.

Freedom Alert is a two-way communication system that allows users to contact up to four people, as well as 911. They can also just alert a friend or relative or just 911. This is helpful in situations where a senior only needs minor assistance. A small lever allows you to move between the different contact modes easily and it shares the same durability and range as the Guardian Alert.

Setting It Up

Setting up any of the Logic Mark products is easy. The only things needed is a VoIP line or landline and a power outlet and there is a manual that explains the process of setting up personal numbers of family and friends. The Guardian Alert works with a power outlet while the Freedom Alert needs batteries. The base units work with a rechargeable NiMH battery and the pendant uses lithium-Ion batteries.


These products aren’t sold directly to the public but are available through online retailers including Amazon.​

cost image


  • There are no monthly rates or contract fees
  • Freedom Alert bypasses a monitoring center
  • Allows users to connect with 911, relatives and friends with 911, or just relatives and friends
  • This is excellent for direct communication with a caregiver


  • It’s a costly purchase upfront
  • There are no monitoring centers
  • It doesn’t connect the user to any form of personal assistance from trained medical alert professionals

If, however, you’re in need of 24-hour monitoring, with access to professional emergency services then Freedom Alert and Guardian Alert aren’t the best options. There are other products that have a better support system in place and cost less upfront, although as previously mentioned, they require contracts or monthly subscription fees.

These products from LogicMark will give family members peace of mind, knowing their loved one can contact them in the case of emergency, and seniors can move around with more independence than other medical alert systems offer.


Depending on what your needs are, the Freedom Alert and Guardian Alert 911 systems offer unique benefits to users, especially to seniors who are more independent and not completely reliant on monitoring. The systems are suited to those who prefer less supervision and a bit more freedom.​

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