Hoveround Scooter Reviews and Options

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When it comes to personal mobility scooters, there is no more well known name than Hoveround. There are a huge range of different scooter options from Hoveround, from all-terrain scooters that can handle bumpy and rough terrain, to four wheeled vehicles that provide enhanced stability, as well as mobility. They are one of the originals when it comes to personal mobility scooters that really allow you to take part in more activities of everyday life, with ease and without a ton of hassle. If you’re looking for something more substantial than a power wheelchair (also known as electric wheelchair), a Hoveround electric mobility scooter may be the answer.

As the brand and popularity of the brand have grown, so too have your choices of model and the various options and add-ons. We will only be discussing the different models of scooter in general, rather than touching on prices and availability. The thing with Hoveround scooters is that they are often covered, at least in part, under many common insurance programs, meaning that you don’t have to pay the full price, out of pocket, for the scooter, which can be rather expensive. This is why you don’t really see products like the Hoveround available on common retail sites like Amazon. They are generally purchased via a medical supply company or Hoveround themselves, who can handle the insurance aspect of acquisition.

With that said, let us now turn to the most popular models of Hoveround personal mobility scooters, and briefly touch on their various options and functionality. This will help you decide which model will work best for your lifestyle, expectations, and needs.

Three Wheel Mobility Scooter

This is the more traditional Hoveround option that many of us were introduced to via those television ads of people with limited mobility enjoying the view from atop the Grand Canyon. A three wheeled scooter has many advantages over a walker or even a four wheeled scooter. The three wheeled base gives this scooter a much tighter turning radius allowing you to cut tight corners and make even really tight turns with ease. You can get a three wheeled scooter in a range of different sizes, as well as scooters that are designed for travel, those that are heavier duty, or even a luxury model with tons of little extras.

Four Wheel Mobility Scooter

The four wheeled mobility scooter is one that provides a lot more stability and keeps you grounded in the chair a lot easier than in the three wheeled model. As noted above, this model does not have the tight turning capabilities of the three wheeled scooter, but it is a lot sturdier and for many people, this is a trade off they are willing to make. These provide a comfortable, smooth ride that lets you go tons of different places, even off road, but without the reduced stability you see with a three wheeled model. Like the three wheeled model, however, you can find a Hoveround four wheeled mobility scooter in a range of different sizes, weight lb capacity, as well as models that are meant for heavy duty use or travel, and even luxury models.


Some of us really like to be on the go whenever possible, whether we have mobility issues or not. This has been a problem, in the past, for many active people who have limited mobility. With a lightweight, travel appropriate mobility scooter, you can maintain that active lifestyle you so enjoy, without a ton of hassle. Hoveround has a wide range of lightweight and travel appropriate mobility scooter offerings, including three and four wheeled varieties in a wide range of different sizes. All of these lightweight scooters are easy to disassemble and reassemble without the need for tools. They don’t take up a ton of space in the car and are simple to put together or take apart.

Heavy Duty

Whether you simply want a mobility scooter that is more stable and sturdier than a traditional scooter, or you want something that has the power and clearance to go all the varied places you want to go, a heavy duty mobility scooter from Hoveround is a great choice. These scooters have larger tires and a higher ground clearance, which allows you to go a lot more places, on different types of terrain. These scooters are well made and perfect for larger individuals, able to hold up to 500 pounds on certain models. There are heavy duty mobility scooter options in a wide range of sizes, but all have four wheels. You can also find travel and luxury versions of the heavy duty mobility scooter.


If you are an outdoorsy type that wants to be able to go pretty much anywhere they want, regardless of terrain, an all-terrain mobility scooter from Hoveround is an excellent option. Like the heavy duty mobility scooters, all-terrain scooters have larger wheels and a higher ground clearance so that you can easily go across a wide range of different types of terrain. This type of mobility scooter has higher top speeds than the other models and have a greater battery range than the other models. This makes them perfect for those who wish to spend a lot of time outdoors. They have a full suspension system, giving you a comfortable and stable ride, even across rough terrain. There are a few different options that you can choose from, but it should be noted that this is the higher end model that is likely to cost a bit more than the standard models. If you want to be able to maintain your active lifestyle, this model of Hoveround comes highly recommended.

Which of these mobility scooters will work best for you will depend on your current level of mobility, your lifestyle, and your budgetary constraints. All of the scooters we describe here are high quality models that have a wide range of safety options that allow you to enjoy life and go the places you want to go, even if you don’t have the mobility you once had. Any of these scooters can dramatically improve the quality of life, letting you go places that you thought were off limits to you. Finding one that meets your exact lifestyle needs will let you live your life exactly as you wish, regardless of any limitations in mobility you might face.

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