Knee Scooter Review

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There are many people who are suffering from accidents that involved serious damage to the knees which led them to undergo surgeries. After the surgery, there are physical therapies and sessions to help the person recover and heal quickly so that their knee injuries will be back to normal.

There are many mobility aids that can be used to help in such recoveries, including knee walkers or knee scooters. This mobility aids may be popular in different states as some doctors recommend it to help in the quick recovery of injuries and it also helps in the physical therapy sessions that a person undergoes.

The knee walker or knee scooter is sometimes bought after surgeries as some doctors believe that it helps a lot with the recovery, but some people only rent it out since it’s not part of their budget or they won’t need it for a long period of time. These knee walker and scooters are often alternative for the so called traditional crutches since it’s easier and comfortable to use.

Some people believe that using the traditional crutches might cause more harm than good as it can put more strain on the knees than those of knee walkers. The person’s knees can comfortably rest in the padded area of a knee scooter, making the knees relax more.

Basically, the main concept of a knee walker is to avoid putting strain or stress on the recovering knees of the person since the knees have undergone a surgery. The best way to speed up the healing process is to take extra care of the knees and avoid stress as much as possible.

Moreover, looking back to the early ages when there were no knee walkers, people were only staying at home specifically in their couches and bed just to avoid stressing their knee injuries.

So upon the discovery or invention of these knee walkers and scooters, people became happier due to the quick progress of their productivity and the fact they are not limited on what they can do, specifically performing the things that need mobility.

There are many available knee walkers and scooters in the market nowadays that can bring the satisfaction that you need. You can also choose one that suits your needs and preferences and some of it are based on how long you’re going to use it and the quality it can provide you to not strain and stress out your knee injuries.

Different manufacturers and distributors are making great quality knee walkers and rollers that will suit each and everyone’s needs. Listed below are some of the knee scooters that can suit your choice and preferences and there’s a quick overview about each of it.

Kneerover: All Terrain Knee Walker

Since there is no age that accidents choose, there are many types of knee walker or scooter that are available in the market regardless of age. This knee walker by Kneerover can suit small adults and kids who are recovering from knee surgeries. There are also many great features about this product that can suit one’s needs and preferences.

It doesn’t mean that if you have undergone any knee surgeries, you cannot enjoy an active lifestyle or social activities at your home or in the neighborhood. Using a knee walker or roller will not restrict you in doing things that you really need to do.

Kneerover is one of the well-known manufacturer and distributor of knee walkers and rollers and one of their missions is to give the consumers a high quality, innovative and affordable products to sustain the need of knee walkers after surgery as some may give it as a requirement to speed up the healing process.

The company also believes that every individual has a freedom to move after the surgery and as a part of the recovery stage.

Kneerover: All Terrain Knee Walker can be an ideal choice for many people as it comes with great features. First, it is very versatile for a knee walker and it can be a great substitute for crutches. It is also ideal for every age, specifically for kids and small adults who have undergone knee surgery or any surgeries involving the lower extremities.

The name of the product really suits its features as it really stands up to its name as the all-terrain knee walker because you can use it indoors and outdoors. Its 10 inch tires are said to be pneumatic, so it can be easily used on all types of terrain such as dirt, grass and even gaps in sidewalks.

Moreover, it is easy to maneuver because of its stability and controllability due to an advanced and innovative tie-rod steering mechanism that comes with an adjustable handbrake, which makes you feel safe and secure. In addition, its knee pads are comfortable and are contoured molded foam.

It also comes with a basket to store your valuable and important things, making you focus on controlling your roller. Lastly, it is tool free and foldable with just a thumb release lever, making it ideal to transport from one place to another.

Like bikes, it has a rear brake to give you a smooth and secure braking experience. Furthermore, the ideal height of the person that can use this is anywhere from 5” – 6’5”.

This knee walker can be ideal for people who are recovering from their knee surgeries as it can give them the active and mobile experience that they need. Also, it can boost the confidence that you can do many things besides just resting in the bed and becoming immobile.

It can help you in your fast recovery as good exercise and fresh air in the neighborhood can give you a positive feeling. This knee walker is described as a powerful, durable and agile roller. You can also put some accessories that you need or preferred in this walker/, which can help you in your daily activities.

Kneerover: Steerable Knee Scooter

The Knee Scooters on the market nowadays differ a lot from the quality and the materials on how they are made and assembled.

One thing is for sure – it only innovates to improve the quality of life of the people who have undergone knee surgeries, whether it’s only slight or serious knee damage. Having mobility aids that can improve and fasten the recovery phase of patients can help them physically and psychologically.

As previously mentioned, the company Kneerover is already a well-known manufacturer and distributor of mobility aids such as walkers and rollers. They have many types and lines of knee walkers and scooters, namely the All-Terrain Series, Pediatric Series, Classic Series and the Seated Series, which products under each group represents a certain functionality and use.

One thing that is common amongst the group is that they all cater to provide patients with the freedom to move and to be almost back to their active and productive lifestyle. It can really differ a lot from crutches as you can use your hands to do more of the daily activities that you do.

One of the products under the Kneerover’s classic series is the Steerable Knee Scooter which is one of the well-chosen scooters of consumers. Most consumers have already proven that this scooter is an excellent choice as an alternative to crutches.

It’s the trust of the consumer that makes the brand make more quality and innovative products. Its best feature is its no wear on tire because it is made up of a heavy duty style disc brake. This one is also ideal for those who have undergone knee surgery and it also boasts the great controllability and maneuverability because consumers can easily use and navigate it.

Like the all-terrain knee walker, it is also ideal for indoor and outdoor use because its non-marking rubber wheels are 7.5”, making it more effective on different types of terrains. Also, like the all-terrain scooter, its knee pads are well contoured for a comfortable feeling and it also comes with a basket.

The consumer should not worry about its compatibility because it caters left and right. It can also make you feel safe and secure because of the rear disc brake that also contains an adjustable hand brake. The grips of this scooter are an easy clean rubber so you can wash it whenever dirt or sticky feeling occurs.

In addition, the ideal height for a person who will be using this is anywhere from 5’ to 6’6”. Furthermore, it is also considered lightweight and features an easy-foldable, tool free setup which makes it easy to carry and bring wherever you go.

Since the Kneerover Company is well known in the industry, its products can be trusted to provide amazing quality. They have different types and lines of knee walkers which make us think that they really improve their products as time passes by.

Also, there are many accessories that you can put in your own walker and customize it based on your needs and preferences. Making it truly unique makes you feel comfortable and happy using it as long as your knee injury is in the recovering phase.

Drive Medical: DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker

It is evidently shown that having a knee walker or any other type of mobility aid is a must after undergoing a slight or serious knee injury or any other surgery that involves the lower extremities.

It may be tough for patients to recover easily as it really caused them some kind of trauma or damage which makes them scared to go back to the way they walked before, but with the aid of this walker, they can easily improve and quicken their recovery process to go back to the daily activities that they used to do. Many manufacturers are making innovative products to ease the pain during the recovery process.

Since crutches can bring more harm than good, it is also somewhat proven that using these crutches can strain and stress the knees.

Drive Medical is also one of the well-known manufacturers that help the consumers in choosing the best walker that they need and they also offer a wide variety of walkers that you can choose from. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life of the consumers and they offer mobility aids such as Rollator, walkers, canes, crutches, wheelchairs, power mobility’s and more.

Drive Medical: DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker is one of the products of the company under the knee walker category. This product offers many great features as well and can be a good alternative to crutches which are known to be painful and dangerous.

Not only people who have undergone knee surgeries can use this product, but also those who have experienced sprain, amputations, breaks and even foot ulcers. It can be easily controlled and maneuvered, which can also be easily adjusted to increase your command of the product.

This walker is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it has 8” casters and its lever brakes are high quality to make you feel more safe and secure. It is also leg padded for your comfort and it can be easily adjusted to your preference.

The knee cushion is like a two way knee pad and is specially made to give the consumer a superior comfort that they need. In addition, like the other walkers available in the market, it is also tool free, which means that this walker can be easily folded for easy transportation and storage.

In order to give you the safe and secure feeling, the company made the brakes 2 way, even if you’re not going to go that fast but for safety precautions only, which is considered a good thing.

To sum up, there are many walkers and rollers available in the market and many are well known for producing high quality and innovative products. It is all up to the consumer on which one to purchase as he/she has the final say on their needs and preferences.

It is also important to take into consideration the environment on which the patient will be using this walker or rollers as it may cause him more harm than good, specifically when the floor is too slippery and the patient can’t handle it and might slip around since it has wheels on it.

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