KneeRover Jr. All-Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter Review

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While there are countless knee scooters in the market, only a few are well-built. Knee scooters are used by patients who have had foot surgery or major injuries. Health experts recommend the use of knee scooter as an ambulation aid for ease in walking and other movements.

Compared to crutches, traditional walkers and wheelchairs, patients who use knee scooter can move the extremities much more freely. Crutches are good, affordable and durable, but cause additional body pain especially on shoulders and underarm.

On the other hand, traditional walkers make the patient hop to move, while wheelchairs promise only limited movement.

Knee scooters are mostly recommended as mobility aids. One of the bestselling knee scooters is the KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Jr. It has several amazing features with therapeutic benefits. The KneeRover has a delightful color so you won’t just have a regular knee scooter; you’ll have a stylish one.

It is quite difficult to find a knee scooter that can be of used not just indoors but also outdoors. Most knee scooters have an aesthetic look but poor quality. For instance, some knee scooters have narrow caster wheels that work well on concrete but very poorly on terrain and on grass. Let us find out if the All-Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Jr. can achieve excellent results.


The All-Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Jr. is specifically designed with short adults and children in mind. This knee scooter is “junior” in size but senior in quality and functionality.

This knee scooter has a firm and solid handle bar with the right width (not too wide and not too narrow) for easy steering. The handle bar has a high quality Ergo Dynamic handle grip on each side.

The rubber grips are easy to clean and comfortable to clutch. Installed on one end of the handle bar is the easy-to-reach hand brake. The hand brake is very responsive; it will give you an immediate and consistent stop or help you control speed on terrain.

The handle bar column is made from solid steel. The frame of KneeRover® Jr. has a glossy red finish that you will love. What makes this scooter more durable than most is the dual crossbar on the body. The crossbars guarantee extreme strength.

The knee scooter cushion, or the knee rest, is seamless and is made of foam for more comfort. KneeeRover® Jr. also has adjustable features. The kneepad can be adjusted according to the user’s preference.

Setup is easy and does not need tools or professional skills. The handle bar height can also be altered. Unlock the handle bar lock placed on the handle column to adjust height.

The wheels are very impressive. The KneeRover® Jr. has three air-filled tires. The wheel exterior has unique grip lines that makes it versatile for any surface type. Be it on concrete, grass, sandy, and rocky grounds, KneeRover® can help you wherever you want to go.

KneeRover® Jr. can be used by children and adults recovering from lower extremity injuries or foot surgeries. This knee scooter is also foldable for easy storage and convenient transport. The knee scooter also comes with a basket on the front to hold your necessities for your convenience.


  • Knee scooter is easy to steer
  • Air-filled tires help you move over smooth and rough areas
  • Handle grip is easy to clean
  • Frame is made from solid steel that guarantees long-lasting quality and durability
  • Frame has dual crossbar that promises robustness
  • Cushion has foam quality to comfortably accommodate injured foot
  • Easy to adjust seat and handle bar with no tools needed
  • Unique glossy red finish
  • Easy to fold and compact in size


  • Knee scooter only has 3 wheels, which may compromise balance on uneven surfaces
  • Interior tires do not fit on the rims very well
  • Product does not come with repair kit


KneeRover® Jr. has amazing materials and a unique concept. The red-steel finish is very stylish and modern. The hand grip is remarkably impressive – it is made from a Ergo Dynamic material that is easy to clean. The double crossbars are installed and promise durability for the patient. Wheels are impressive and help you traverse almost any surface.

The KneeRover® Jr. can accommodate young and adult users. The adjustable handle bar and knee pad makes the knee scooter versatile for various body types. The knee scooter is easy to fold for storage and transport. The materials used are impressive and very commendable.

Possible Alternatives

If three-wheeled knee scooter is not the best option for you, you can switch to the KneeCycle Deluxe, which has upgraded features. It has a disc hand brake that provides a comprehensive braking system. As with the KneeRover® Jr., it has double crossbar design for high durability feature.

The handle bar and contoured pad is easy to adjust. The handle bar and structure are made from high quality steel for added robustness. KneeCycle Deluxe has four caster wheels for balance support. The knee scooter comes with compact-sized wired basket on front to carry your needs.


The KneeRover® Jr. knee scooter is impressive when it comes in the quality of the materials used. The general idea of the knee scooter is very clever. The tires are impressive but it could have been made better if it had four wheels to guarantee balance. The braking system is good.

The versatility of the product is reliable. Price is quite high than other brands with the same feature but that is understandable. Overall, the design is great and the performance quality is acceptable for any mobility needs you may have.

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