KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Review

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Knee scooters give mobility solutions to people with walking issues due to a foot injury or other medical treatments. However, not all knee scooters promise 100% customer satisfaction.

Most knee scooters have the same features. Some are specially developed with advance mechanism for more convenience. No matter what the designs are, knee scooters are proven to be more helpful than crutches and traditional walkers in improving user mobility.

When selecting a knee scooter, it is very important to check for quality, features, and design. When a knee scooter is physically appealing, it can be easy to forget to focus on the quality. Some knee scooters offer unique features with subpar functionality.

When looking at knee scooters, KneeRover® often comes up as a popular choice. KneeRover® markets high quality knee scooters at reasonable prices. One of their flagship products is the KneeRover® Steerable Knee Scooter.

The KneeRover® Steerable Knee Scooter is just like the other knee scooters in the market except that it has more durable frame, impressive finish, highly functional features and premium knee scooter parts. It is simple, yet very operational. It is classic, yet very versatile.


Benchmarking a product means thoroughly checking for quality, materials, structural design, usability and the overall look. KneeRover® Steerable Knee Scooter has distinctive features you will love.

The frame of the knee scooter is made from comfort steel that promotes durability. The frame is 16” wide, reasonably slim so that it allows you to pass through narrow spaces.

It has an easy-to-fold feature for easy transportation and convenient storage. It weighs approximately 9 kgs. When folded, the scooter becomes compact and can fit in small spaces like the trunk of a car.

The knee scooter has a steerable feature. The handle bar is easy to maneuver. Installed on the handle bar is the disc brake clamp that will give you safe full-stop when engaged. The handle bar has rubberized hand grips on each end.

The knee scooter is made from steel, from handle to frame. It has a double crossbar to ensure the robustness of the product. The tough structure can accommodate up to 300lbs. The handle height and knee-pad height are easy to adjust; no tools or excessive force are required.

The cushion is made from a seamless material. It has a contoured design to support the injured foot comfortably. The knee-rest and the knee scooter as a whole, are compatible with use on both legs.

The scooter has four non-marking rubber wheels for balance and smooth mobility. The wheels can help you navigate easily on concrete and terrain. The wheels and brakes sync impressively to give you smooth glide and brake.

KneeRover® Steerable Knee Scooter comes with a wired basket with dimensions 12.5” x 8” x 8” so you don’t have to worry about bringing your small necessities with you. The knee scooter also has solid green frame with silver vein finish.


  • Knee scooter can be folded for transportation and storage
  • It has a double crossbar for added strength
  • Narrow size that can fit small spaces
  • Disc brake system for advanced braking quality
  • Four caster wheels for balancing
  • Adjustable handle bar height for proportioning to body height
  • Adjustable knee-rest
  • Easy to set up, no tools or professional skills needed
  • Price is not too high
  • Elegant finish made from durable steel


  • Wheels can’t operate on carpet and grass as easily
  • Structure is not shock-resistant which can cause stumbling when used on uneven ground
  • No brake lock mechanism for parking
  • Wheels and handle column can become wobbly over time
  • Turn radius is large and turning 180-degree is difficult


KneeRover® Steerable Knee Scooter has a unique concept and quality materials. The foldable feature is remarkable as is the extreme durability of the double crossbar.

The braking system is good. The adjustable knee-rest and handle bar height can accommodate tall users. The wheels are excellent on concrete and other smooth surfaces. The narrow size can fit through small passages.

The wired basket is very practical for carrying important items. The green frame is refreshing to look at and the silver steel finish expresses a premium look.

Possible Alternatives

Looking for something with more upgrades? This product may cost you more, but it also guarantees exceptional customer satisfaction. The Swivelmate Knee Walker is not the usual knee scooter you may be familiar with.

It has five caster wheels to sustain great balance on any surfaces. It also has an advanced braking system equipped with high quality disc brakes installed on the back wheels. It also comes with a wired basket to carry what you need.

The Swivelmate Knee Walker can become completely compact when folded for transport. It has a padded knee rest to offer comfortable pad for the broken leg. The price is quite much higher because of the impressive quality, in structure and design, that it has.


The KneeRover® Steerable Knee Scooter has a durable quality and reliable materials. The overall structure is fine but it could have been made better. The handle would be nicer if it were wider for more easy steering.

The braking system could be made more reliable if handle bar has two braking clamps, not just one. The wheels and the handle column could be tune-fined with less wobbling attitude.

However, if you are looking for a budget knee scooter, then KneeRover® Steerable Knee Scooter is highly recommendable. All other flaws can be tolerated and can be manually optimized by making few tweaks to the structure

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