Know How to Fold Your Knee Scooter in 120 Seconds

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People who have challenges walking use the popular knee scooter. Knee scooters are the primary replacement for crutches and traditional walkers. Many orthopedic surgeons recommend them to patients that have had foot injuries or surgeries. The knee walker is also recommended for the elderly who have challenges balancing and in walking.

There are thousands of knee scooter brands in the market, each with its own unique features and distinctive design. Knee scooters allow users to move their able extremities freely without the pain and distraction crutches and walkers cause.

The knee scooter is specifically designed to give advance mobility to the user. With knee scooters, patients can use their arms freely and can walk faster than those using crutches and walkers. But unlike crutches, knee scooters cannot be used on stairs. Additionally, movement of knee scooters over inclined areas must be done carefully to maintain balance and to avoid tripping.

There may be some instances where you must travel despite the mobility challenges you face and one way to make that possible is to bring your mobility aid with you. Crutches, unlike knee scooters, are easy to transport. No folding or disassembling needed; you can just drop them down easily inside the vehicle or carry them with you where you need to go.

The good news is that knee scooter companies have designed knee scooters with a folding feature for easy transport and storage. Though not all knee scooters are foldable, there are several models that do afford this feature.

What benefits does that give you?

The foldable feature may not seem very necessary, but it has several benefits you might not realize at first. Minimalists, most especially, will surely understand the importance of having an item with such wonderful feature. Another group that would want the foldable feature is the travel elites. Travel enthusiasts pack light and prefer bringing easy-to-manage items.

Having an item that has a foldable feature can save a lot of space. People who have a small interior space at home prefer items that are easy to store. Patients who use knee scooter every day – the elderly or individuals with long-term foot injuries – would prefer a foldable knee scooter. It can be easily tucked away during activities that don’t require it and pulled back out as soon as it’s needed.

Foldable knee scooters are loved by travelers, too. Be it airborne or just a local drive, it is truly practical to bring your ambulation aid with you. It could be placed in the compartment of the car or you could have it beside you. The instantly compact size of your folded knee scooter is truly great.

Knee Scooter 101: How to Fold

Before learning how to fold your knee scooter, it is important to know the parts and accessories of your knee scooter. Knee scooters vary in model and brand. Check the knee scooter user’s manual and guide to know where to find the folding lock. Generally, the folding mechanism is placed in the same position on almost all kinds of foldable knee scooters.

On the lower part of the handle column bar, you will find a folding tiller that looks like a huge horizontal comma. The knee scooter tiller basically has a two-way lock system: the primary clamp lock and the secondary pin lock (the pin lock can be slid from right to left or relatively similar on some models).

To fold the mast:

  1. First, raise the clamp lock to 90 degrees.
  2. Pull the clam forward (keeping it horizontal)

As this point, you have unlocked the primary clamp lock. Here’s how to unlock the secondary pin lock:

  1. Slide the pinlock to the left to disengage the pin from the pin hole
  2. When the column is disengaged, you can release the pinlock and slowly lower the mast

Remember to hold the mast when disengaging the pin lock from the pinhole. This avoids a sudden fall of the mast that can cause injury.

To unfold the mast:

  1. Slide the pin lock to the left to prepare to unlock the mast
  2. While holding the pin lock, slowly place the mast in an upright position
  3. Release the pin to lock the holes
  4. Raise the clamp lock to a 90-degree position and lock the clamp by pushing it to a 180-degree position

If you feel like the clamp lock is kind of shaky, tighten it by raising the clamp to a 90-degree position and turn it clockwise. If you want to loosen it, just turn it one count counterclockwise. Remember, if you want to slightly loosen the lock system, make sure to not turn it more than one rotation or the assembly will fall apart.

Not all knee scooters have the same fold-lock mechanism. If your knee scooter has a different fold-lock system from above instruction, you might want to contact the manufacturer or look at the manual that came with the knee scooter.

Almost all fold-lock systems on knee scooters can be managed without tools or expert skills. You shouldn’t use tools if you don’t need to, as they may damage the unit and the exterior finish.


Knowing how to fold your knee scooter is much easier than it might seem at first! With a few tweaks and practice, you can learn how to fold it. Once folded, you can now store it more conveniently when not in use or transport it from one place to another with less hassle.

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