Lightweight Wheelchair by Healthline Trading Review

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This Lightweight Wheelchair by Healthline Trading is a perfectly serviceable wheelchair for any of your wheelchair-bound loved ones who can drive themselves around. Though it does not contain any particularly astounding characteristics or perks, it will provide all of the necessities of a wheelchair for anyone who needs one.

It also has detachable armrests and elevating leg rests. The former will allow for the wheelchair to become more compact as needed when the armrests are removed. The latter is a convenience that allows for a more comfortable and relaxed experience.

The wheelchair is available in three different sizes of width: 16-inch, 18-inch (which is the standard size), and 20-inch. Each of these comes with an option for a “desk”-sized arm and a “full” sized arm, making a total of six different size varieties in which you can purchase this chair.

All of the following measurements are for the standard 18-inch size of the wheelchair, and the other sizes may have slight variances in these measurements. The complete width of the chair while open is 25-inches, and it’s 12-inches while closed.

The height of the standard 18-inch with full arm model of this wheelchair from the floor to the seat is 19.5-inches, and the overall height is 36-inches. The chair portion of the product is made from nylon. This material is durable, light, flame resistant, and generally easy to clean. It also makes it resistant to mold and bacteria, so the wheelchair is less likely to become dirty and grimy.

The wheels of the Lightweight Wheelchair by Healthline Trading are made of a composite material covered in Urethane. This makes them sturdy, reliable, and resistant to getting flat. This will allow for a user to be able to stay in motion for as long as they want.

The chair also has brakes and a wheel lock, so it will stay in place when the user wishes to as well. The wheel lock is easy to activate, as it only requires the touch of a button. The precision bearings make for a ride that is easy to control, reducing frustration and effort in controlling the wheelchair.

The frame itself is made from a carbon steel, and the leg rests are made from aluminum. They are triple coated in chrome for aesthetics sakes as well as to prevent chipping of the exterior.

The Lightweight Wheelchair by Healthline Trading is made for comfort as well as ease. The aforementioned elevating leg rests allow for rest and relaxation while remaining in the chair instead of going through the trouble of leaving it for a recliner or a couch.

The seat itself is elevated high enough to raise the knees. This is important not only for comfort, but to prevent blood clots, which can become dangerous to the user of the wheelchair if allowed to form. The arm rests are made of nylon too. Both arm rests and the leg rests are padded for extra comfort for the user.

The wheelchair also has the capability to fold up when not in use, so it can be stored away in more compact spaces than it would be otherwise. This, along with the detachable armrests, makes for a wheelchair that is truly compact and easy to move from place to place.

In addition, the wheelchair weighs a very light 37-pounds, making it even easier to transport. It also has a pocket at the back of the chair, allowing for the user to stow away his or her belongings while using the chair.

Admittedly, the chair does not provide much in the way of customization or aesthetic control. Other than the size of the armrests and the chair itself, there are not many varieties in which the chair comes. Those three sizes are the only sizes, and there are no other colors in which you can order the chair.

The triple coated chrome is the only one available, so, if the user wants the chair in a different color, they will have to provide some sort of effective paint job themselves. In terms of physical limitations, the chair can only hold an individual who weighs up to 300-pounds, meaning it is not made for individuals of a larger frame or build.

The Lightweight Wheelchair by Healthline Trading is not the fanciest or most high-tech wheelchair on the market. It is, however, a sturdy and reliable wheelchair. It has a tough frame made of carbon steel, the leg rests are elevated and padded, it has a manual button-press brake system, and the arm rests are padded.

The seat itself is a comfortable and durable nylon, and its arm rests remove to make the chair more compact when needed. It isn’t electric, it doesn’t have any cutting-edge systems or applications, and it doesn’t come in multiple color variances. It does provide a lot for the price, as it is a very affordable wheelchair.

This wheelchair is a good choice for you or your wheelchair-bound loved one who is on a budget of any kind. It’s reliable, comfortable, and portable. That being said, it’s not all that adaptable. If your loved one is not lucid or is a heavier frame or build, this will not suffice for their wheelchair needs.

However, if your wheelchair-bound loved one can handle controlling their wheelchair and is of a more moderate to small build, then this wheelchair will work just fine for their needs. It’s not the top of the line, but it’s not expensive either. The Lightweight Wheelchair by Healthline Trading may just be the perfect wheelchair for you.

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