Live-in Caregiver Pagers: A Buying Guide

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Working as a caregiver with long-term care patients is a big responsibility. As you would be as the family caregiver, you are solely responsible for another person’s care and safety, and you need to be sure of that person’s well-being at all times. It’s also important the person relying on you be able to reach you with ease. Using a caregiver pager is one of the best ways to make sure you’re able to monitor the person in your care with ease and convenience.

Caregiver pagers serve a couple of purposes, depending on the features of the personal pager you choose. They allow the senior in your care to reach you are out of speaking distance. With motion sensors, personal alerts, and two-way pager caregiving, they can also alert you to a potential problem. Some pagers even let seniors check in with you by alerting you when they get out of bed or wake up in the morning.

Shopping for a caregiver pager can be a little overwhelming because you have a lot of choices. You need to make sure you invest in something reliable and that you get a pager that offers the features you need. Pagers also come with a variety of features. There are paging systems available that are designed to help seniors contact their caregivers from several hundred feet away. This makes it easy and convenient for them to ask for help when needed.

Some pager systems are also designed to alert caregivers even when seniors aren’t resting help. The systems feature mats that, when touched, activate an alarm that alerts caregivers to movement of the seniors in their care. This means if a senior tries to move to a standing position from sitting or wants to rise from bed, the caregiver will receive an alert so they can monitor the activity or provide assistance as needed.

Pager systems are a great way to provide continued independence for seniors but still allow their safety to be monitored and make it easy for them to ask for help when needed. Whether you are caring for a loved one in their home or you’ve relocated a senior relative to your home to ensure supervision and safety, a pager system is a great to make sure the arrangement works and keeps everyone involved happy.

Need help finding a pager system that works for your situation?

If you’re searching for a caregiver pager and you need some assistance, here are some of our favorites:

Caregiver Pager with Bed Alarm & Bed Sensor Pad

Caregiver Pager with Bed Alarm & Bed Sensor Pad

This caregiver pager system features a bed alarm and bed sensor pad. It has one-bed alarm with wireless function that can reach up to 150 feet in distance. It comes with a pager and 10”X30” bed sensor made from soft vinyl.

When a senior’s feet come into contact with the sensor pad, an alarm sounds with two quick beeps at the site of the sensor to ensure function, and then an alarm alert that only sounds on the pager when weight is applied to the mat. The alarm also features a light that visually alerts that the system is in use and there is a call button available that sends an alert to the caregiver pager. The light also activates if batteries are low or if the pad loses notification. The alarm requires a 9-volt battery to operate.

The pager system offer low, medium, and high volume adjustments, as well as a vibrate option. There is an LCD screen with blue light. The pager can be clipped to a belt loop and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

This pager system retails for around $190.

Smart Caregiver 433-SYS 30 Channel Central Monitoring Unit

Smart Caregiver 433-SYS 30 Channel Central Monitoring Unit

This Smart Caregiver pager features three nurse call buttons, pager, and AC Adaptor. This allows your senior to use the call buttons to signal whenever they need assistance. Each button features a lanyard and mountain bracket. The system also comes with a pager that relays alarms from the central system so you’ll be able to move around and still receive alerts. This system comes pre-programmed and is easy to use. It can be expanded to include more nurse call buttons. It requires four C batteries to use or can be set up to an AC adaptor.

TL-5102TP Stand Alone Personal Paging System

This personal paging system includes two call buttons and one caregiver pager. When the call button is pressed, it sends a wireless signal to the pager, alerting the caregiver that assistance is needed. It’s a simple, streamlined system that allows you to eliminate in-room alarm noise—the pager is silent on the senior’s end. It has a range of up to 300 feet, so caregivers have the freedom they need without jeopardizing the safety of the senior in their care.

It features easy push-button operation and can be worn around the neck on a lanyard or mounted on a wall near the bed or other location. The setup and installation is quick and easy and it requires just three AA batteries to operate.

Wireless Bed Alarm and Bed Pad

Wireless Bed Alarm and Bed Pad

This pager system includes a bed pad and alarm to alert caregivers to seniors rising from bed. It’s easy to use and includes one wireless bed alarm and one pad sensor with a warranty. It is designed to prevent falls as seniors move from the bed. The pad is 10”X30” and is made from soft, easy to clean vinyl.

This system retails for around $100.

Pager systems can be an extremely effective way to conveniently monitor the safety of a senior. The majority of falls occur when seniors are getting up and down from a seated position or when they rise from bed or need to use the bathroom. A pager system allows seniors to call for help when needed and makes it easier than ever for caregivers to get alerts when seniors are moving around independently. If you are looking for a tool that will ensure safety and make it easier than ever for you to monitor the movement of your senior loved one, a pager system is a must-buy item.

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