Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair Review

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This Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair is a simple model of wheelchair that only aims to provide all of the basic necessities that a wheelchair should provide. It succeeds in this goal and manages to do that for a very low price, making it a perfect choice for you or your wheelchair-bound loved ones who are on a tight budget.

Just because it is low priced does not mean it’s cheaply-made or will easily break. It is made to be a sturdy and reliable wheelchair that provides what needs to be provided and does not add anything unnecessary that would inflate the price.

The seat itself is made from nylon, a material that is easy to clean and maintain while still being resistant to the damage. The arm rests are removable, allowing it to shorten its own width for maneuverability. It also folds, so it can be stored away in compact spaces while not in use.

The leg rests can elevate, so the user of the Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair can lay back and relax in comfort without having to go through the trouble of leaving the wheelchair. The leg rests are removable too, allowing the user more freedom and customization of the wheelchair.

The frame is made from steel, so it is very durable and resistant to damage. It’s tig-welded and has a gray powder coat finish. The chair weighs 46-pounds, so it is a little heavier than other non-electric wheelchairs. However, it does drop to 38-pounds without the leg rests attached. It is sold unassembled, so the person who purchases the wheelchair will need to build the chair themselves.

Fortunately, the assembly is a toll-free process, so it will not be particularly difficult or complicated. The dual-axle hemi height adjustment tool in the wheelchair allows for height adjustment of two inches, so the user of the Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair can change the height to fit into tighter spaces.

The wheelchair does not provide different sizes, as it only offers the 18-inch wide model. This does take some of the power out of the hands of the consumer and removes some of the adaptability of the Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair. The seat itself is 16-inches deep, which makes the wheelchair decently comfortable for those who use the chair.

The dimensions of the entirety of the chair are 31-inches by 26.5-inches by 35.5-inches. These measurements are in regard to the basic form of the chair, so that makes this chair a fairly compact model in addition to its fairly lightweight mass. The wheelchair cannot support individuals over 300-pounds.

The Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair is, as the name implies, a very basic wheelchair in terms of its measurements and capabilities. It does not have many frivolous or high-end qualities that improve its mobility or comfort.

However, that is not to say that this wheelchair is not comfortable or efficient. It provides everything that a wheelchair needs to provide. It is fairly compact and lightweight. The armrests and leg rests are removable, adjustable, and adaptable. This allows for the wheelchair user to customize their experience, and this is very important for any wheelchair-bound individual.

The chair also folds, and this allows for it to be stowed away in smaller spaces or merely make the chair take up less space in an open room when not in use. The nylon material used to make up the upholstery and the depth of the seat allow for the chair itself to be both comfortable and durable.

The chair will not take damage easily, and it’s easy to clean and won’t accumulate mold, bacteria, or other contaminants.

The wheelchair does have its fair share of drawbacks as well. It has 300-pound limit and the lack of ability to alter the size of the wheelchair (it only comes in 18-inch size).

This is fairly restrictive and limits the customer base that would be able to use this chair significantly. In addition, the chair does not have any wheel locks or brakes beyond the wheelchair user simply holding onto the wheels of the chair.

This is a rather glaring omission, as most wheelchairs these days include wheel locks that restrict the chair from moving unless the wheelchair user wants them to. This is potentially dangerous as well, as, on an incline, it pits the physical strength of the user against the force of gravity itself.

Furthermore, if this wheelchair is being used by a loved one who is not completely lucid, you would want an option to keep them in place that they may not be able to control easily. As this wheelchair is operable by the individual in the wheelchair, this limits the wheelchair from being used by older individuals or others who may not necessarily have full control of their mental faculties.

However, this is still a recommendable wheelchair that comes with a number of reservations. This is a bare-minimum wheelchair, and it is not as expensive as the majority of wheelchairs. The lack of brakes and size variances will likely restrict the number of individuals who could purchase the Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair.

It is a comfortable and durable wheelchair with some capability for customization with the arm rests and leg rests, but that is as much that can be said in favor of it. The price is also not significantly smaller than other wheelchairs that provide more, so it is recommended only if that relatively small price gap cannot be crossed.

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