MSA 30x Sound Amplifier Reviews and Alternatives

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It’s common to struggle with hearing as we grow older. And for many, “older” doesn’t even mean that old. The average person begins to struggle with at least mild hearing loss in his or her 40s, and the issues only increase with age.

The good news is there’s no reason to feel upset or ashamed of hearing loss. Most people experience some degree of hearing loss at some point in their lives and it’s fairly common for it to cause embarrassment or discomfort. This is especially true if you’re living with others who are always asking whey the television or radio is so loud or if they are tired of not being heard when they share information with you.

In many cases, hearing loss is mild enough that a traditional hearing aid isn’t needed. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a boost for hearing and, in these cases, a sound amplifier will likely do the trick.

Personal sound amplifiers make it easier to listen to friends and family, the television, waiters and waitresses in a restaurant, instructors or teachers in class, or any other situation in which you might need a slight volume boost. Sound amplifiers are far more affordable than traditional hearing aids and hearing amplifiers, too—in some cases, much less expensive.

This is the case with the MSA 30X. It’s one of the cheapest personal sound amplification systems on the market and provides comfortable and comfortable volume increases for users. It claims to offer some of the most powerful amplification on the market at 30 times, but there are others that offer up to 40 or 50 times amplification.

Listen up Personal Sound Amplifier

How Does the MSA 30X Sound Amplifier Work?

This sound amplifier works by taking sound waves headed to the ear andamplifying their power. This means that by the time they reach your eardrums, the sound is loud enough to hear. This then signals the brain to tune in and allow the person wearing the amplifier to hear all sounds crystal clear, even if their hearing isn’t quite what it used to be.

People like the MSA 30X personal sound amplification system because it’s not as noticeable as some other types of hearing aids or sound amplifiers. It features clear tubing and is so small it’s barely visible. This means you’ll be able to hear everything you need to hear without anyone knowing you are wearing any sort of hearing aid. It fits comfortably into most ears and weighs just .3 ounces. Its design also makes it easy to use the device interchangeably between the right and left ears.

Another benefit of the MSA 30X is the ability to adjust the setting based on your needs. You can use it if you just need a small boost of volume, but if your hearing worsens over the years, you’ll be able to make adjustments so the MSA 30X can still help you.

We’re also impressed by the fact that the MSA 30X can be recharged. Most amplifiers work on batteries, which need to be replaced on a regular basis. After all, you’ll be using your amplifier or hearing aid most of the day every day, so the batteries wear out fast. The MSA 30X is rechargeable with the adapter it comes with, so you won’t need to be replacing batteries all the time.

Msa 30x Sound Amplifier Clamshell

Can I Use the MSA 30X Sound Amplifier in Place of a Traditional Hearing Aid?

Though some people might call the MSA 30X a hearing aid—it’s offering you aid with your hearing—it’s not actually a hearing aid. Instead, it’s a sound amplifier or enhancer.

The MSA 30X can help you hear better, but according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is not a sufficient substitute for a prescription hearing aid.According to the FDA, Personal Sound Amplifiers including the MSA 30X, are designed for non-hearing impaired individuals who need to amplify sounds related to recreational activities and are in no way meant to compensate for actual hearing impairments.

Hearing aids and sound amplifiers both improve sound levels, but if you’ve been diagnosed by a doctor with hearing loss, you’re likely better off using a traditional hearing aid. If you are curious, you can ask your medical care provider about sound amplifiers and if they’d offer enough of a boost for you based on your personal circumstances.

Unfortunately, the marketing related to the MSA 30X tends to confuse people about its ability and convince them it can replace a traditional hearing aid. Faced with a large bill for a prescription hearing aid, a device such as the MSA 30X might seem appealing. If you are at all concerned about whether or not any sound amplification system could help you, or whether or not you can use a device such as this instead of a hearing aid, you should speak to your doctor.

Hearing impairments can occur for many reasons, so it’s important you receive an official medical diagnosis before deciding on which device to purchase.

Problems with the MSA 30X

In addition to issues with marketing, many people who have used the MSA 30X question the quality of the device.

Many have reported problems with the device amplifying all sounds, which means it really doesn’t help with hearing overall. If you’re trying to listen to the television and you’re hearing sounds in other rooms that are amplified and distracting, you’re better off simply turning up the television volume. Sound amplifiers sometimes aren’t discerning enough to provide the assistance needed.

There have also been a number of reports related to the customer service support associated with the MSA 30X. When consumers needed assistance with their products, they were unable to reach anyone to help them.

As a result of their frustration, many people have opted to replace their MSA 30X devices with other sound amplifiers. A few of our favorite options include:

Clarity Chat Sound Amplifier – Beige (Single Pack)

This is a digital sound amplifier that offers a discreet option for those who need a boost in volume. It has eight-channel wide dynamic range compression and four program memories. It’s one of the most enhanced and expensive options on our list.

The Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier

This sound amplifier resembles a cell phone earpiece and can amplify sound up to 50 times. It comes with three soft ear tips so it can be worn comfortably and features rechargeable batteries with a charger.

SuperEar Rechargeable Sound Amplifier Complete System with Headphones

This sound amplifier offers 50 times sound amplification and offers a discreet, comfortable option. It comes with rechargeable batteries and provides up to 40 hours of operation.

Williams Sound PKT D1 EH Pocketalker Ultra Duo Pack Amplifier

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