Best Portable Oxygen Tank and Accessories for Seniors

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Some senior citizens with breathing difficulties require supplemental forms of oxygen, known as oxygen therapy, to help them breathe and improve the quality of their lives. If you’re looking for the best portable oxygen tank and accessories for seniors, there are a lot to choose from. With a wide variety of options, it’s always best to do your homework before making a purchase.

What is a Portable Oxygen Tank?

Some seniors who have trouble breathing or have been diagnosed with breathing disorders need portable oxygen tanks to live their daily lives without the risk of losing oxygen. Portable oxygen tanks provide oxygen therapy to people who require higher levels of oxygen concentrations.

Oxygen can be stored in tanks. Called compressed gas systems, oxygen tanks can be stationary or portable. Portable oxygen tanks are small and can be used outside of the home. These portable oxygen tanks and concentrators may also come with devices that conserve oxygen for extended and longer use.

Portable oxygen tanks allow seniors to leave their homes to run their daily errands with portable oxygen equipment that helps them breathe. Portable tanks come can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and weigh much less than standard traditional tanks.

There are different types of oxygen supply systems which people can use. These include oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators.

What’s the Difference between a Standard Oxygen Tank and a Portable One?

Portable oxygen concentrators convert air into oxygen and provide its users with a consistent flow of oxygen. Portable oxygen concentrators do not need to be refilled but require a power source.

Portable oxygen concentrators give patients mobility because of their convenient weight and size. Very similar to home oxygen tanks and home oxygen concentrators, portable concentrators are much smaller in size and are easily transportable, making it easy for a user to move about and even travel.

Portable oxygen concentrators are compact and convenient. They can fit in cars and in bags which users can carry on their shoulders, making the life of someone with lung or breathing problems much easier.

Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to be used both at home and while on the go. They have oxygen compressed inside of them and work by filtering medical grade oxygen and providing it to its users until the battery power runs out.

Oxygen concentrators pull air inward, compress it, filtering and removing nitrogen and then delivering the purified air to its user through an attached nasal cannula. Oxygen tanks do the same, although in a different way. Instead of pulling oxygen from the air, oxygen tanks have a set amount of oxygen in the tank which is provided to its users through a mask.

Oxygen tanks can run out of oxygen, whereas oxygen concentrators never run out of oxygen as long as they are connected to a power supply such as a battery. This is because oxygen concentrators extract oxygen from the air and have an unlimited supply of it.

Standard, traditional home oxygen tanks can be moved around the home. They are much larger and bulkier than oxygen concentrators and cannot be taken outside of the home. Standard oxygen tanks have a set amount of oxygen that can be used, whereas oxygen concentrators work on an on-demand system.

The type of oxygen supply system you choose depends on how you will be using the system outside of the home, what you’re looking for, and, of course, your budget. Although portable oxygen concentrators are much easier to carry around, portable oxygen cylinders can also come in smaller sizes that are compact and easy to transport. When using a portable oxygen tank, you must also always carry extra cylinders when traveling. This is because portable oxygen tanks run on a limited supply of oxygen, meaning they require frequent changes when oxygen runs out.

Choosing between a portable oxygen tank and a portable oxygen concentrator really depends on your preferences. Although portable oxygen concentrators are more convenient and compact, they require a constant power supply and require charging when running low on power which is not the case for portable oxygen tanks.

That being said, when using a portable oxygen tank, you must always plan ahead and have extra tanks packed for when your tank runs out of oxygen. At the end of the day, the oxygen supply system that you choose will depend on what helps you breathe easily and what you are most comfortable with.

How do Portable Oxygen Tanks Work?

Portable oxygen tanks work by decreasing shortness of breath and providing a constant flow of oxygen to someone who has lung or breathing problems or conditions. Both home and portable oxygen tanks work very much in the same way. Oxygen tanks store oxygen or liquid oxygen in containers. The user breathes in the oxygen with a mask or nasal cannula, which is attached to the tank with a hose. A user places the mask on his or her mouth and nose, while nasal cannula is placed inside of the nostrils. Oxygen tanks provide oxygen with a set supply which needs to be replaced once it has run out.

What are the Benefits of Using an Oxygen Tank?

Oxygen tanks are necessary for people who have lung or breathing problems or people who often experience low oxygen levels. Oxygen therapy like the use of oxygen tanks allows people with lung and breathing problems to live their daily lives, be more mobile, and more active. Oxygen tanks also significantly improve a person’s quality of life and can sometimes even increase life expectancy. Oxygen tanks can help relieve, reduce, and eliminate symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling (swollen ankles, swollen feet, etc.)
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue

Oxygen tanks may be used for people who have the following medical conditions:

  • Alpha 1
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Lung cancer

What Accessories Do I Need with a Portable Oxygen Tank?

There are many different types of accessories you can use with a portable oxygen tank. These types of supplies are supplementary accessories for oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators. Oxygen tank accessories can be used to check blood oxygen levels, monitor oxygen therapy, and even make transporting a tank easier. Portable oxygen tanks come with accessories such as:

  • Cylinder carry bags
  • Oxygen regulators
  • Face masks
  • Oxygen regulators
  • Backup/emergency oxygen tanks
  • Oxygen conservers

Md Medical Oxygen Cylinder

This small and compact oxygen tank weighs 5.4 lbs. and comes built with a CGA870 toggle valve with additional valve options. This cylinder is very easy to transport with a portable cylinder carrying bagand can supply over nine hours of oxygen using a conserving device or up to 39 hours with more complex conserving devices. This tank is very light to carry and easy to transport, allowing for great mobility. Because of its compact size, this portable oxygen tank can fit in a boat, car or other vehicle easily.


  • Has additional valve options
  • Convenient and easy to transport
  • Very light


  • Users state that it may be difficult to fill up at times
  • Some users state it is taller than expected

M6 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

The M6 Medical Oxygen Cylinder is less than 15 inches in length and weighs only 3 lbs. It comes with a standard toggle valve but also has other valve options. This popular oxygen tank provides a great balance between portability and duration of oxygen supply. It has an oxygen supply of 10 hours but can last just below 16 hours if using the SOLO 2 pneumatic conserving device.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • 10-hour oxygen supply


  • Oxygen life is not as long as other cylinders unless using an oxygen conserver

Oxygen Essentials Kit

This handy kit includes an oxygen cylinder, a wrench, and a shoulder carry case to make for easy transportation. The kit also comes with a 15 LPM regulator.The carry bag which comes with this kit has a handle and is made of durable fabric. The kit comes with a D cylinder tank and has a capacity of 398 liters.


  • Bag is lightweight and well designed
  • Light and portable
  • Very affordable
  • Good quality


  • Time of use is limited

Lif-O-Gen Disposable Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit

This disposable emergency oxygen kit carries two 15-minute oxygen tanks which are disposable. They are a great option for emergencies and backup use and have an oxygen flow of 6 liters per minute. This kit provides a total of 30 minutes of oxygen. The case is made of plastic and has a handle and wall hook, making it easy to carry and hang up on the wall.


  • Can be used in emergencies
  • Provides same effect as live-saving oxygen
  • Disposable tanks


  • Only lasts 30 minutes

Portable Oxygen Cylinder Carry Bag

This bag can carry a portable oxygen cylinder and is made of durable nylon. The handle is padded and can fit several different cylinder sizes. The bag also comes with a fully adjustable shoulder strap and is one-size-fits-all.

The bag also has a clear window made of vinyl which allows users to see the pressure gauge.


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Clear window to check pressure gauge


  • Adjustable strap may sometimes stick

Our Choice

Choosing the right portable oxygen tank and additional accessories depends on how you will be using the tank as well as how mobile you plan on being. Dealing with breathing, respiration, and lung problems is hard enough as it is. This is why it is extremely important to choose a portable oxygen tank which suits your lifestyle and your needs while providing you with mobility and safe, comfortable breathing.

Our choice for a convenient and easy to transport portable oxygen tank is the Oxygen Essentials Kit. Not only does this kit come with a portable oxygen cylinder, but it also comes with a wrench, a regulator, and a shoulder case for ease of transportation. The bag that this kit comes with is durable and comfortable. Because of its all-in-one capability, this is a great choice for someone who does not want to go through the process of having to make multiple purchases. The bag is lightweight, well designed, and made of great quality. The cylinder itself fits into the bag perfectly and is very easy to transport. Both convenient and affordable, the Oxygen Essentials Kit is a great choice for anyone in the market for a portable oxygen tank and added accessories.

Our choice for accessories definitely goes to the Lif-O-Gen Disposable Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit. This is a life-saving kit which carries two oxygen tanks that last 15 minutes each. These oxygen tanks are disposable and are a must-have for emergency situations where backup oxygen is needed. The case also has a convenient handle and wall hook, making it convenient and easy to use whenever you need it

Whether you need a portable oxygen tank for traveling or completing your daily tasks outside of the home, portable oxygen tanks are great to have to make life much easier. They allow people with breathing problems to travel and complete everyday tasks that cannot be completed with traditional and standard oxygen tanks. Portable oxygen tanks can help improve the overall quality of life for people who suffer respiratory problems, making them happier and healthier.

If you just need a portable oxygen tank for ease of convenience around and outside the home, purchasing one will make your daily routine easier, improving the quality of your life and in some situations even extending your life. Living with breathing or lung problems is not easy. This is why you should put thought and care into your purchase when you’re in the market for a portable oxygen tank and its corresponding accessories.

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