Rolling Shower Chair Reviews

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It’s common for seniors to struggle with showering. And even if they are comfortable being upright for the duration of their shower, it can be unsafe because of issues with balance or mobility. A shower chair makes showering easier and safer and choosing a chair on wheels eases the burdens and risks of showering independently, even when they need to move within the confines of a shower.

What are the Main Features in a Rolling Shower Chair?

The best chairs provide a blend of support and stability. You’ll want a chair that provides support for your back and that offers a place to rest your arms. Some chairs even offer removable armrests, which makes it easier to slide into and out of the chair.

The height of the chair is also important, so make sure your feet can touch the ground when sitting. Dangling feet mean you’ll need to “hop” or slide down out of the chair, which can be very dangerous on a slippery surface.

Finally, look for features that will make showering as easy as possible. You might want a place to store shower and bath items, or you might prefer a streamlined shower that’s easy to store away when not in use.

Duro-Med Shower Transport Chair

Duro-Med Shower Transport Chair

The Duro-Med Shower Transport Chair is safe for transporting users to and from the shower, making it easy to maintain hygiene with reduced risk for injury. It’s a versatile chair – it can also be used over the toilet – and makes it easier than ever to shower without continuous assistance.

This chair is made of heavy-duty metal and features a comfortable vinyl seat with padding that makes showering pleasant and easy. There is a PVC backrest (waterproof) that helps with support and prevents back pain. The wheels are great and easy to roll across bathroom floors, but you don’t need to worry about slipping once you’re in the shower because the wheels lock in place.

This chair weighs 18 lbs. and measures 21 by 16 inches. This chair offers easy and independent showering, even when personal hygiene issues have become a challenge. Users love getting a chair that offers comfort and security that’s affordable and moves easily into and out of the shower.

MJM International Standard Shower Chair

MJM International Standard Shower Chair

The MJM International Standard Shower Chair features a soft seat that can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight. It’s 18” wide and has 3-inch casters that make it easy to move in and around the shower.

The chair features a longer-than-usual seat with an open front that makes it extra comfortable. It’s made from durable materials free of lead and phthalate, so there’s no need to worry about issues with dangerous plastic parts.

The chair features anti-slip grips for your hands, providing extra security and stability. It’s also made from quick-dry materials so clean up is easy and you won’t need to worry about rusting or mildew.

The mesh back is removable and has a pocket for toiletries is fast drying and is anti-bacterial and mildew resistant. This pocket gives you convenience and makes sure you don’t need to worry about the extra benefit becoming harmful or needing to be replaced over time.

Users love this chair because it’s comfortable, durable, and rolls easily in the shower.

Open Front Seat Deluxe PVC Rolling Shower Chair

Open Front Seat Deluxe PVC Rolling Shower Chair

The Open Front Seat Deluxe PVC Rolling Shower Chair is a great chair that provides safety and versatility. It includes a push bar and offers a comfortable places to sit while showering. It measures 38 inches in height, and 21 inches in width, with a 22.5 inch diameter.

This shower chair is versatile and users are able to fit it over most standard toilets. It features a 300 pound weight capacity, making it suitable for most patients in homecare environments. Its durable PVC frame is outfitted with a cushioned seat and a quick dry mesh back.

And you never need to worry about issues with rolling or moving once you’re in the shower – the wheels feature brakes that provide complete security. Users love that it’s a great value that is durable and easy to use.

MedMobile Aluminum Portable Commode Shower Wheelchair

MedMobile Aluminum Portable Commode Shower Wheelchair

The MedMobile Aluminum Portable Commode Shower Wheelchair with Toilet Style Seat and Cover offers a combination of shower assistance and transport, and it can be used as a portable commode. We love this level of versatility!

The chair has a 300 lb. weight capacity, but only weighs 16 pounds itself, so it’s easy to move into and out of the shower. It features a folding footrest, fixed armrests, and a detachable backrest. It’s made from durable aluminum, so users can sit comfortably without concern that the chair will collapse or break beneath them. Users love how easy this durable chair makes showering.

NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Shower Chair

The NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Shower chair makes transfer into and out of the shower as safe and easy as possible. It’s lightweight at just 18.5 pounds and features a cushioned seat and waterfall armrests that are comfortable. The chair’s swing-away footrest is a favorite feature of ours and are removable.

Like many of the shower chairs on our list, the NOVA chair can also be used as a commode and comes with a bucket and lid. The bucket is removable and can be reinstalled easily if and when needed. The chair also easily fits over most standard toilets, so it can provide security in all aspects of bathroom use.

The seat on this chair is 19 inches high and 16 inches wide with a 16 inch diameter. This chair offers value and versatility, and provides seniors with privacy and independence in the bathroom.

In an ideal situation, you’ll only need to invest in one shower chair in your lifetime. In addition to the features you’ll want in a chair, and the measurements and other important factors, you’ll also want to pick a chair that is made of high-quality, durable materials. Remember, your shower chair will be getting wet on a daily basis, so you want something that offers rust resistance and doesn’t wear away over time because of exposure.

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