The 3 Best Talking Watches For The Blind or Visually Impaired

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If you are blind or visually impaired you know how difficult it is to get some of the coolest new gadgets with assistive technology out there. You find yourself struggling to find something that you can use easily because they otherwise require you to see the buttons.

Watches are one of the really complicated ones because you need something vocal rather than just something that visually shows you. So, how do you do that? Well, you’ll want to take a look at these three atomic talking watches that will help you always know the correct time even if you suffer from low vision.

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch

The Reizen Talking Atomic Watch has a traditional watch design so it definitely doesn’t draw attention to itself. Chrome in color, the expansion band is designed to fit easily around your wrist without having to attach a clasp or worry about how to get it on and off. With chrome on the face and buttons, it’s going to look stylish and fit in well with anything that you wear, whether it’s casual or dressy.

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch

That’s definitely important if you want a watch that lets you know what you need without having to look around for several different ones to use on different occasions.This watch announces the time, day, and date whenever you want in a male voice in English. That way, you can check in whenever you like and know that you’re not going to be late.

When the hour hits it chimes right away so you can keep track and if you have an alarm set it will beep to let you know it’s time. Capable of accounting for daylight savings time on its own and able to set itself, this is definitely a great watch for anyone who struggles with their vision.

The price is moderate for all the features you’re going to get and the watch itself works anywhere in the United States through a radio controlled system. The battery you need is included and you won’t have to worry about it dying off for a very long time, leaving you with a great watch that lets you know how to stay on time.

Liberty Atomic Talking Wrist Watch

The Liberty Atomic Talking Wrist Watch is a great option for those who have vision troubles because it’s a sleek and stylish design that still gives you everything that you need. This watch has a silver frame and face that’s accented with a leather style wristband so you get a great looking watch that no one is going to notice as being different from ‘average.’

Liberty Atomic Talking Wrist Watch

It’s moderately sized and features slightly larger numbers which may help you in reading it yourself if you are vision impaired. On the other hand, it will also provide you with vocal information whenever you need it including letting you know the date and time whenever you want.This watch sets itself from the U.S. Atomic Clock and all you have to do is make sure it’s set to the proper time zone.

Once you do that it will keep itself ready at all times so that you don’t have to worry about being late or not having your watch set to the proper time. It even has illuminated hands that can make for even better visualization if all you need is a little assistance in order to read the watch yourself. With this, you’re definitely going to enjoy wearing a watch and you’re going to have no problem with anything you would expect from your watch.

This one has an alarm function just like any other watch and will help you stay informed and stay on schedule throughout the day. It’s loud enough you’ll easily be able to hear it and it even lets you know the day of the week so you can keep on track with anything that you want. Even better, you don’t need to get batteries to start out with because it’s ready to go for you.

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch

The Reizen Talking Watch here is designed with a slightly different face and band style so that you can get a really unique experience. It has a slightly larger, squared face with a chrome finish and a black leather band that adds a bit more style and elegance to this watch. You’ll be able to pair it with absolutely anything and you may even be able to see the oversized numbers at 3, 6, 9, and 12.

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch 1

When you want to know the time you just push the button and it vocalizes the time, day, and date in a clear voice so you can definitely keep on track.When you want to know the time you just push the button and it vocalizes the time, day, and date in a clear voice so you can definitely keep on track.

Each hour is marked with a chime and when you set an alarm it will let you know the time with beeps so you can make sure you’re ready to go when you need to be. Able to account for daylight savings time on its own, this is definitely a watch you’re going to want to use for yourself and that everyone you know is going to want as well.

It has an adjustable band that clasps easily so you can get it to fit right where you want and you’ll have no problem getting it on or off as needed.The larger face makes it a little easier to see as well and provides just the right accent. With the radio controlled timekeeper, there’s definitely no reason that you should have to set this watch or change anything at all. It’s going to be ready when you are.

With any of these watches, you’re going to have no problem keeping track of the time even if you can’t see the watch face yourself. Each one lets you know the time and even the date and the day of the week so that you can keep track of what you want to be doing and just when you’re going to be doing it. With these watches, there’s no reason you’ll ever need to be late again.

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