The 5 Best Medical Alert Devices For Senior Citizens

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Being in your own home is one of the best feelings in the world. Having independence to do what you want, when you want is important to anyone. But, for those who are starting to get older, it can also be a dangerous undertaking. What if something happens to you and you request assistance or it is a medical emergency? What if you were to slip and fall or to get injured in some other way? Would you be able to call for help? Just in case you can’t, these top medical alert systems with a ‘panic button’ will be able to help you and offer complete peace of mind.

Nowadays, a medical alert service though a leading medical alert service could mean the difference between a small worry to potential devastation. For a small monthly fee, these life alerts can ensure constant monitoring and long-term care and assistance when required.

Here Is Our List Of Top Medical Alert Systems For 2017 That Can Help Anyone Who Requires A Personal Emergency Response Or Requests Assistance:

#1 Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical

The Bay Alarm Medical is a personal alarm that doesn’t require you to have a home phone while in your house or a mobile GPS device if you travel. Your plan is inexpensive, less than $30 a month, and the pendant is easy to wear no matter where you go.

It’s even waterproof, wireless, and has a 32-hour backup battery for your base station. So, if the power goes out you’re still going to be protected. The pendant itself can go up to 1,000 feet from the base station so you’re going to be just fine walking around your entire house.

There’s no fee if you decide you want to cancel and you don’t have to pay anything for the equipment either. You don’t have to charge up the pendant and you don’t have to worry about it running out of power either because it automatically signals the call center to send you a new pendant when it starts getting low.

#2 MobileHelp

mobile help for medical emergency

Next, we go on to MobileHelp. This company offers a range of different systems and pricing schedules so you can choose the one that works for you. You don’t have to sign up for a long-term contract and you can get started for less than $30 a month, though there are higher priced plans available as well.

You won’t have hidden fees and the company is FDA-compliant so you can trust you’re getting a good service. No matter which package you choose, you’ll get a Fall Button that can actually detect falls on its own.

Unfortunately, the cellular device for other emergencies and needs is a separate unit that you’ll need to have with you. You do get entirely transparent terms and if you want to cancel you can return the equipment and you’ll be able to get a prorated refund back. What’s really nice is that you can choose a pendant or a wristband which are both water-resistant.

#3 Medical Guardian


If you’re the type that wants to be on the go then the Medical Guardian Alarm might be ideal for you. It has a cellular device if you’d like to take it with you on the go and it provides you with 1300 feet of range while you’re in your own home.

The pricing starts under $30 per month and it has a variety of different options. You get reliability and the customer service is excellent whenever you need them.

If you don’t like to go out much you can choose from a less expensive traditional plan as well. There is fall detection and you don’t have to pay for the equipment that you’ll be using. When you want to cancel it’s easy to do and you don’t need a long-term contract.

#4 QMedic


The QMedic is actually considered a smart system because it provides you with a range of different features and options. You can use a cellular or traditional network with a 1000 foot range. It is extremely dependable and it’s able to monitor your sleep and activity as well.

That means it can recognize changes in these things and make sure that you’re all right. You get to choose between a pendant and a wristband, which are both waterproof and you can choose if you want to notify a call center for any problems or your family.

The battery on the device lasts two years and the contracts start at around $20 per month. You don’t get fall detection or the ability to travel with the unit, but all of those things are currently being worked on by the company, so they may be available soon. This one can definitely be nice if you just want to keep your family posted on what’s going on or make sure that they’re the first to know if something happens.

#5 RescueTouch


Finally, RescueTouch is a low priced system that starts at less than $20 per month so you won’t have a problem with paying for service. It also doesn’t depend on a call center to help you.

There’s even a two-way phone that will help you talk to whoever you need to on the other end without getting to a phone and there’s no contract, cancellation fees or any other hidden fees. You will need to charge the device every few days or up to a month, depending on frequently you need to use it and you set up who you want on the other end when there’s an emergency.

Text alerts are sent to whoever you put on the other end of that device and can tell your location, speed, altitude, and even geo-fence. That way you’re never going to be completely alone when you need someone to help. The unit also has a sleek and unique style that makes it nicer to have in your home.


The key to being on your own as you get older is to always be prepared for whatever might come your way. A medical alert device may never be needed. At the same time, it’s always better to be prepared for the device than to need it and not have it. Any one of these will help keep you safe in the event of an emergency, making sure that you always have someone right there to help you and to make sure that your injuries will be taken care of right away.

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