Top 5 Best Bed Chair Pillow Reviews for Elderly Adults

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Bed chair pillows, also called husband pillows, bed wedge pillows, lumbar pillows, or back rests, are beneficial to those with illnesses or ailments that keep them in bed, the elderly, and even for those who work in an office all day or are seated for extended periods of time.

Bed chair pillows are made of different materials, such as memory foam pillows, and they provide firmness and support while sitting in an upright position and align your neck and back and also work well to improve your posture. They are “pillow perfect” for the elderly, people who are bedridden, recovering from surgeries and, of course, they’re great for those who like to spend time in bed reading or binge-watch TV with their favorite shows.

Unlike a normal pillow or cushion that gets uncomfortable after a while, a bed chair pillow allows you to relax in the same position for a lot longer, without putting any strain on your back, spine, or head and neck like a soft pillow would. Also, many have pillow covers that are machine washable, ensuring that you can use them and remain comfortable for many years to come.

Why a Bed Chair Pillow?

A bed chair pillow is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time in bed and needs to change position every now and then to avoid bedsores and painful pressure points, especially the elderly, patients who are recovering from surgery, are bedridden due to medical reasons or are recovering from an injury. The husband pillow provides the necessary support for your back and neck and prevents any further damage.

These pillows are used to help position the body correctly for anyone confined to their bed. By establishing relatively neutral pressure on the spine, by supporting the lower back and by allowing for a comfortable angle of recline, it allows proper blood flow throughout the body. This is critical for people who are bedridden or forced to spend extended periods of time in bed, especially the elderly. They might have a skeletal, neural, or muscular system that’s already compromised by age, which can irritate the problem even further.

Bed chair pillows also help relieve some of the discomfort associated with reflux. Gamers, teenagers lounging around, moms taking a little time for themselves with a good book, or people catching up on emails late at night in bed can also use them.

The right bed chair pillow needs to be firm enough to provide the support you need and not flatten after being used two or three times like a normal pillow does. Shape-wise, you want a chair pillow that has an ergonomic design and follows the contours of your back for comfort and support.

A lot of bed chair pillows come with a carry handle that allows you to travel with it or move it from room to room, some have armrests for added comfort and there are even a few with cup holders.

The important thing is to find a bed chair pillow that suits your needs and fits in with your budget.


The BedLounge is an ergonomically designed bed chair pillow that follows your body’s contours perfectly to provide absolute support and comfort. Designed by Dr. Robert Swezey, a world-renowned neck and pain expert, the BedLounge’s provides custom comfort and support, with a rotating headrest while the armrests pivot inward and outward for a looser or snugger fit. The armrests also have ties for people who sleep in an upright position for medical purposes to ‘tie’ themselves in so they don’t move around or slide down while they’re asleep.

bedlounge bed chair pillow image

You can also tie the armrests together and tuck the headrest in between for easy storage or hang it on a hook on the wall.

The BedLounge is one of the pricier options, but definitely worth it.

LinenSpa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

The LinenSpa Shredded Foam Pillow provides excellent support and airflow because of the shredded foam. The carry handle makes it convenient to move from room to room or if you’re traveling and the popular pillow offers comfortable back and neck support.

linenspa shredded foam reading pillow image

The LinenSpa foam pillow contours to your body shape and the shredded foam keeps you and the pillow cool. It’s affordable, good value for money, and suitable for someone looking for medium to firm support.

Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest Pillow

The Brentwood Originals Bedrest pillow provides firm support for your back and adjusts to your body’s shape easily. The handle makes it easy to carry around or travel with and it has comfortable armrests for added comfort.

brentwood originals brushed twill bedrest pillow image

It’s a lightweight pillow and can be moved around in the bed to make sure the user is as comfortable as possible. It’s well-priced and made of a high-quality polyester for excellent back support.

Greendale Home Fashions Bed Rest Pillow

Greendale Home Fashions Bedrest pillow is made of 100% nylon microfiber fabric, which is both water- and stain-resistant. It’s filled with a recycled polyester fit for added comfort, strength and durability.

greendale home fashions bed rest pillow image

The pillow is well made and suitable for anyone who enjoys spending time in bed reading and for older patients needing strong support for their back and neck.

Nap Bed Rest Pillow

The Nap Bedrest Pillow has a higher back and longer armrests for additional comfort while the built-in cup holder and side pockets keep all your essentials close at hand. It folds flat for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.

nap bed rest pillow image

The soft NAP fabric is soft and comfortable while the foam interior provides excellent for neck and back support.


There are a number of reasons a person lands up in bed for extended periods of time, including complications during pregnancy, an injury, after surgery and, of course, age. Sitting in bed all day, every day, without the proper support can cause pressure on the coccyx, the lumbar region of the spine and other parts of the body, resulting in discomfort and more serious health issues.

Bedsores and painful pressure points are a common problem for people who spend a lot of time in bed and even the slightest change in position can alleviate the problem.

This is why bed chair pillows or bedrest pillows are necessary. Whether the patient is sitting up to take medicine, reclining for much-needed rest, sitting up watching some TV, or reading a book, a bed chair pillow with its ergonomic design provides support and comfort. It reduces the stress and alleviates further back and neck issues.​

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