The Top 5 Best Bed Tray Table Options for Bedroom Comfort

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Whether you’re older and need to spend time in bed doing daily activities, or you love the idea of resting in bed while you read, write, eat, or do anything else, a good bed tray table is essential. Not only does it prevent spills and the creation of a mess, it ensures you can comfortably complete any task you wish while sitting in bed.

There are a few things you need in a tray table to make it a quality purchase.

It needs to be sturdy. You can’t be worried the tray will collapse under a reasonable amount of weight. Ideally, it will lock in place for added security, but this isn’t absolutely necessary.

It’s a good height. A tray table that is too high or too low is going to force you into an uncomfortable position. Too low of a tray and you’ll be hunched over the table – aggravating back and neck pain, and possible causing long term injuries. Too high of a tray and you’ll be uncomfortable reaching to accomplish the tasks at hand.

It’s a good size. The table top needs to be large enough to accommodate whatever it is you intend to do. If that’s eating, you’ll need a table that’s large enough for a plate, a glass, and utensils, with a bit of wiggle room for resting your hands or setting other things down while you dine. If you intend to work or do any other kind of writing or reading, you’ll need a table large enough to spread out your papers, books, and writing utensils – everything you need for taking notes. And of course, if you intend to use a laptop computer or table, you’ll want enough room for those electronic accessories.

It offers features you’ll use. Depending on how you intend to use your tray table, you’ll want to make sure it has useful features. For instance, you might want a stand to prop an e-reader or tablet up to view. You might want a compartment that can hold utensils or a TV remote control or other items you need nearby, but that you aren’t using constantly. There might be other important features too, such as heat resistance or folding or anything else that will make the use of the table easy and convenient.

The best thing you can do before investing in a bed tray table for you or a loved one is evaluate how it will be used and make a list of the most important features. You’ll want to choose a table within your budget that, at the very least, has your top three features. These are the “deal breaker” features and without them, your table would essentially be useless. Once you know what you really need in a table, you can think about options – features that would be nice, but aren’t necessary for you to use the table.

What are our picks for the top five best bed tray table options?

Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk, Flip Top with Drawer, Foldable Legs

This is a fantastic budget-friendly option that’s no frills, but reliable and sturdy. It’s a wooden work station with an adjustable top that features a storage drawer. It’s available in walnut, which retails for just under $20, and natural, which retails for just under $30. The dimensions of this bed tray table are (W x D x H): 22.38 in x 13.78 in x 8.95 in.

winsome wood alden lap desk image

Keep in mind this is a manually folding table that sits on the bed on legs that stretch over the user’s lap.

Overbed Non-Tilt Computer Hospital Bed Tray Bedside Tray Table:New by WW Shop

This is a rolling over the bed table that can be used for dining or other tasks. It’s capable of holding up to 40 lbs. The table top locks securely by releasing the height adjustment handle. Users can raise or lower the table into positions ranging from 28″ to 45″. It’s available in a walnut finish. This bed tray table retails for just over $65.

overbed non tilt computer hospital bed tray image

Carex Overbed Table, Flat Rolling Overbed Table with Adjustable Height, for Eating, Working, Reading or Computing

This bed tray table features a work- and dining-friendly flat surface and a C-shape design that makes it easy to pull close to you. It features height adjustment capabilities, and can be assembled to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed users.

carex overbed table image

We like it because it rolls so easily over beds and chairs, making it ideal for dining, reading, writing, working, or using a computer or tablet. It measures 16″ X 33″, and is height adjustable from 28″ to 42″. It features a sturdy polypropylene base with four swivel casters for quiet, easy movement over any floor surface.

The table is white and retails for about $100. Some assembly is required.

Ebuynar Adjustable Overbed Table Laptop Cart with Wheels (Side,Light Brown)

This bedside tray table offers some super convenient features, especially if you intend to use it with a laptop or other electronic device.

ebuynar adjustable overbed cart image

It’s made from density board and measures 17.71 x 14.96 inches (LxW). Panels can be adjusted for height. It features a tilting surface and adjustable casters that are capable of a 360 degree swivel. The legs feature a protective shells and it comes with a separate tabletop for beverages – so you can spill and not damage any electronic equipment! There is also a pen and pencil cup to the side to prevent the dropping of writing utensils, television remote, etc. We think this is one of the most practical and comfortable options on the market today. It retails for about $64.

Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table with wheels (Hospital and Home Use)

medical adjustable overbed bedside table image

This is a great no-frills option that still offers a great deal of comfort and versatility. It offers infinite table positions ranging from 28” to 40” with just the touch of a spring-loaded locking handle. Its premium walnut wood-grained finished looks modern and stylish. It’s a durable option with heavy gauge chrome-plated welded tubular steel construction. This is one of the highest ranked tables in the medical community. Its dimensions are 15″(D) x 30″(W) x 28-40″(H); Base Dimensions: 15.5″(D) x 26.5″(W); Table Top Dimensions: 30″(L) x 15″(W) x 0.75″(D). This bed tray table retails for about $60.​

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