Top 5 Dolomite Walker Choices with Reviews

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Dolomite is a trusted name in walkers. They are made for heavy-duty use with little to no maintenance and can last for years. All models feature large wheels for easy maneuvering, both indoor and outdoor, as well as flip-up seats and comfortable handles. Dolomite walkers are foldable as well, making them easy to store and transport. Dolomite also has a variety of accessories and their walkers can fit many third-party accessories too. Most Dolomite walkers sold in North America are sold by Clarke Health, not directly by Dolomite. For those considering a Dolomite walker, these are the best options.

Dolomite Legacy Walker (Candy Red)

dolomite legacy walker image

This classic model can be adjusted to three different levels based on user heights from 4’9” to 6’ and it can handle owners up to 350 pounds. Since the handles face front they promote good posture and the seat can be flipped up if the user needs more room when walking around. There is a basket in front for carrying a variety of items, though if left down the seat can also be used for item transportation. The steel frame is welded so there are no screws that might come loose with use, making this an extremely safe option for frail seniors. It weighs about 15 pounds so it should not be difficult to push around even for those with reduced strength. This walker also includes hand breaks which can be locked if it needs to be parked or just be steady. Though this particular model is candy red it also comes in a dark metallic blue option.

Dolomite Maxi+ Walker (Metallic Blue)

dolomite maxi+ walker image

The Maxi+ walker is more of a heavy-duty tool. The maximum weight capacity of this product is 440 pounds and the walker itself is 21 pounds. This is also wider than the Legacy walker, so those with larger frames can use it more comfortably. Though not pictured, it does come with a basket attachment but there is no top crossbar so accessory options are limited. If desired one could attach something to the crossbar just below the seat, like a hook or small bag. The andles have adjustable height notches and corded hand brakes. This is the tallest walker made by Dolomite so if height is a concern then this is the walker for you. Though the price may seem a bit high at first reviewers consistently love this walker, both for themselves and for their loved ones.

Dolomite Symphony Super Low Walker (Brushed Silver)

dolomite symphony super low walker image

Though this is labeled a “Super Low” walker, the name should not be a deterrent. It is meant for users between 5’1” and 5’10” so is ideal for many seniors. One user review mentions that her 4’10” mother-in-law with osteoporosis uses this walker with no problems at all, so as long as it is comfortable the sizing is really just a guideline. The Symphony model is compact and lightweight, coming in at around 15 pounds and with a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. It is, therefore, best suited for smaller seniors and those who do not need or want a large walker. Those who live in small or tight spaces would definitely be good candidates for the Symphony model. As with the other models, this comes with a clip-on basket but it also comes with the seat cross-strap so other accessories may be added.

Dolomite Melody Low Walker (Champagne)

dolomite melody low walker image

The body design of the Melody walker is a bit different from the first three products that have been discussed. The weight distribution and body positioning are a bit different since the bars with the handles come straight up from the wheels instead of angling forward. Depending on the user’s posture this might be more desirable. Instead of cable brakes, this walker uses stainless steel rods within the frame to activate braking. The brake levers on the handles are also longer than standard, allowing more leverage and requiring less strength to set them. This model has a maximum 300-pound weight capacity and can be purchased in 3 different frame sizes with various seat height and widths. As with other Dolomite walkers, this model comes highly rated from satisfied customers. They specifically call out the sturdiness and enjoy the lack of visible brake cords.

Dolomite Alpha Walker Advanced

dolomite alpha walker advanced image

The Alpha Walker advanced was designed for those who have limited hand strength and cannot use the traditional style walkers. The user can rest on their forearms and grab the front rods for added stability. The forearm pads are fully adjustable in height, distance, and angle for maximum comfort. The handle heights can be adjusted between 37.5” to 47”, making this product available to a wide range of users. Since hand strength is likely an issue for users of this walker, the brake handles can be tweaked to where a minimum amount of force is required to activate the braking. The braking action can even be adjusted so that the user can decide whether to push or pull in order to make them work. This particular walker comes with a food & beverage tray accessory as well as a removable basket, but Dolomite also makes a variety of other accessories that can be fitted to it. The Alpha walker is one of Dolomite’s heavier products, coming in at 28 pounds, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. If the standard forearm pads are not substantial enough, Dolomite makes a platform armrest that can be substituted on this model.

Dolomite has won many awards and high praise for their line of walkers. These products are built to last and provide easy mobility for seniors who need aid in getting around. For added independence, consider accessories such as the cane holder, one-handed brake handle, and under-seat bag for transporting items in lieu of a purse or backpack. Though some might consider the price of these walkers to be a bit high, you cannot put a price on safety and mobility.​

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