Top 5 Pill Organizer Choices for Easy Medication Management

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For many, taking medication is a part of their daily life. Whether they are the ones actually taking it or if they are a caregiver, having a good organizational system can be a huge help to ensure pills are taken on time and in a regular fashion as prescribed. There are many weekly pill organizer cases on the market that meet a variety of needs, so it is important to find one that works best for whatever your situation might be. These are the best five that we have found.

Ezy Dose 7-Day Pill Reminder, 2XL Jumbo Size

ezy dose 7 day pill reminder image

As far as basic weekly pill organizers go, it is difficult to improve upon the classic single day, one week case. This product by Ezy Dose has the days of the week indicated on the lid of each compartment, with a large initial for easy reference. The day labels also include braille markings for those who have problems with sight. The clear plastic allows one to quickly see whether or not the medication for that day has been taken. Though there is only one individual compartment for each day, this product is actually sold as a two pack so for those whose medications should be taken twice a day they can simply mark one as the early medication case and the other for later in the day. Each compartment is large enough to hold 60 aspirin tablets, so it should easily contain all of the day’s medication. At only nine inches long, this is easy to slip into any luggage or bag when going on travel, which is much more convenient than taking multiple pill bottles. It is also one of the highest rated basic pill organizers on Amazon, so you can be sure you are getting a good quality product that will do the job well.

Weekly 7-Day Pill Case Organizer by FINETY

finety weekly 7 day pill case organizer image

For those who have to take medication several times a day, Finety makes a weekly pill case organizer that is intuitive and easy to use. Within the larger case are seven smaller cases that have separate compartments for the time of day that medication should be taken. Instead of letters or words, these cases use symbols to indicate the time of day. This is an especially good option for situations where either the senior or caregiver do not speak the same language and, therefore, would not have the same names for days or times. This organizer comes in two options based on the frequency of medication use, either three or four times per day. Since each day’s row is removable it can be easily taken along for day trips or outings to ensure a dosage is not missed. The rainbow coloring is both attractive and instinctive for organizing the days. The lids on the individual boxes and the overall case are both secure and very easy to open when needed.

Huluwa Pill Box Protable Pill Organizer, Pill Dispenser Medicine Case with Multi-Pockets Travel Bag

huluwa pill box protable pill organizer image

If a “days of the week” type organizer is not necessary or not desirable, consider this travel pill box organizer from Huluwa. This container is comprised of six compartments of equal size and a seventh large shallow compartment on the bottom. Each of the top compartments is discreetly marked with raised bumps numbering from one to six so if sequencing is necessary one can keep track that way. This sort of organizer would be best for someone going on travel who only needs a few days worth of pills or someone who would like to bring a bit of a few emergency medications along such as antacids and pain medication. Each compartment can either have a mix of the day’s pills or can simply be dedicated to one type of medication. Though the design of this pill organizer is discreet already, it also comes with a matching carrying case. The nylon case includes two interior and one zippered exterior pocket for extra storage.

Tower 7 Day x 4 Pill Box

tower 7 day x 4 pill box image

An interesting alternative to the traditional rectangular pill boxes and planners is this fun and interesting tower. Each day is a separate container with a three letter day label (including braille labels), and each day’s container has four compartments to split the day’s medication. Each compartment can hold up to 18 aspirin size pills. When loaded and used properly, one can simply slide out the container for the day from the bottom and when they are finished with it the empty container can be placed back at the top of the tower, keeping all seven days of the week in order. It is, therefore, easy to pull out a day or two and toss them in a bag when going out for the day or a weekend. This product by e-pill also comes with a pill splitter that comes in handy when medication needs to be cut and reduced. When not in use the pill splitter can be locked and stored so there are no accidents.

MedCenter (70265) 31 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder System

medcenter 70265 31 day pill organizer image

This pill organizer by MedCenter is a great option for those who prefer refilling their organizer on a monthly basis rather than every week. There is a container for each day of the month, and each individual container has four compartments for doses that must be taken at different times of day. The system displays the date and time and uses this information to both verify that the correct day’s pill container has been removed from its storage slot, as well as set off alarms to alert the user when it is time to take medication. The alarm clock is easy to set up or adjust is changes ever need to be made. The individual day pill boxes are large enough to accommodate a day’s worth of medication but also small enough to be easily taken along if one needs to leave for the day. Each compartment is large enough for 16 Advil.

No matter what your situation is there is a pill organizer out there for you. Having the proper tool for this job is vital to ensuring that medication is taken properly and in a timely fashion. Luckily most organizers are inexpensive and well worth the cost considering the time and space they save.​

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