Top Incontinence Supplies for Seniors: Reviews

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Dealing with incontinence can be frustrating but, for many, it’s a normal part of aging. Thankfully, there are many products available that can make incontinence a little less of a hassle and prevent you or your loved ones from embarrassing accidents.

Incontinence supplies are made from layers of absorbent material that wick moisture away from your skin without allowing for leakage. They protect you and your clothing, as well as any surfaces where you might be sitting or lying. There are different levels of absorbency and choosing the right product for you requires considering the degree of your problem. Some people deal with just a bit of leakage while others have full-blown incontinence. And, for many, these issues vary over the course of their life, so what you need now might not be the best product for you in five years.

Often, the best course of action for dealing with incontinence is to use a blend of different supplies. Sometimes, a single product doesn’t offer enough protection and doubling up on two of the same or two or more different products ensures there are no incontinence accidents. This might be necessary at different times, too. For instance, someone requiring just a single incontinence pull-up during the day might need something more heavy-duty at night and may require both a pad and diaper for protection.

There are many benefits to having so many options when it comes to incontinence supplies. As we age, our bodies change and require things we didn’t use to need. However, in many cases, we won’t want to drastically change our lifestyles. Incontinence supplies make it possible to lead an active, healthy life despite the struggles we have with incontinence as we age.

There are plenty of products on the market and figuring out what you or a loved one needs might require a bit of research. Here, we’ve offered information about the various incontinence products available for seniors and given you some options for buying. Whether you are shopping for you or a loved one, and whether the issues with incontinence have just begun and are mild, or if you or a loved one has developed a serious incontinence problem, these products can help.

Always Discreet, Incontinence Pads, Moderate, Long Length

Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads are disposable pads that feature adhesive strips that attach to regular underwear. They are similar to sanitary napkins but can be used by either men or women. Though they are worn the same as sanitary napkins, they have a much higher absorbency rate and can trap a great deal of urine (different pads feature different levels of absorbency). They do a great job of keeping leakage under control and protect delicate skin from becoming irritated or exposed to bacteria. They can also be helpful for blocking odor. They don’t offer the same absorbency as adult pull-ups or diapers, but they are easy and convenient to change and make a great option for those who are experiencing mild incontinence.

Tena Incontinence Pads for Women

One of our favorite options for incontinence pads includes:

Poise pads offer maximum absorbency and offer moisture lock technology. They block leaks from the side of the pad and because they are extra-long, they can be worn with confidence. They also provide odor protection and are ideal for anyone who is experiencing mild incontinence or who needs a bit extra protection if they must wait an extended period of time to change their diaper or pull-up.

Poise Incontinence Pads, Maximum Absorbency

Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence underwear is the solution for anyone who needs more protection than a pad but still wants the freedom and comfort of regular underwear. They are suitable for both men and women and come in brief and panty styles. There is both disposable and washable incontinence underwear available, so it’s up to you and your budget and laundry schedule which option is best for you. There are also overnight and daily wear options available, the former of which offers greater protection for several hours while you sleep.

Incontinence underwear is designed to look just like regular underwear and, in many cases, nobody will know you aren’t wearing regular underwear. Even the most absorbent incontinence underwear just looks like you have a little extra padding, so it’s still a fairly discreet option.

Our favorite option for incontinence underwear for women is this style by Depends:

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women, Maximum Absorbency

It features fast-absorbing material and the Depend’s Confidence Core Technology that provides dryness and comfort. This underwear is made of Lycra Spandex so it’s smooth and comfortable. Size ranges from small to XL.

Our favorite option for men is the same Depend’s Fit Flex in brief style:

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men Maximum Absorbency

The men’s version of FIT-FLEX comes in sizes up to XL. It offers comfortable and absorbency, and allows you to be active and free of concerns, even if you’re dealing with incontinence. These underwear are disposable and made of soft, lightweight fabric with a flexible waistband.

Incontinence Underpads

Underpads are absorbent sheets of paper designed to be placed underneath anyone struggling with incontinence. They offer an added layer of protection that can be especially helpful overnight or when you’ll be sitting for an extended period of time. Most pads feature anti-bacterial coatings to protect against problems when they get wet.

Here’s our choice for an affordable, effective underpad option:

A World Of Deals Disposable Blue Underpad 23 X 36

Incontinence Pants

These are different than absorbent underwear and are made of plastic. They are designed to be worn over adult diapers or incontinence underwear and offer an additional layer of protection when you need it most. They can also be helpful for preventing slippage that can lead to leaks. Our choices for rubber incontinence pants include:

Haian Adult Incontinence Pull-on Plastic Pants Color White 3 Pack

This is a three-pack of rubber incontinence pants that offer extra wide crotch and heat welded seams. They are available in sizes small through 2XL.

Leakmaster Deluxe Heavy Duty Adult Plastic Pants

These incontinence pants hold disposable diapers in place and prevent accidents.

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