Top Walker Accessories for Seniors

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When one begins using a mobility aid like a walker, it does not take long to realize that these devices can benefit from some upgrades. There are many ways walkers can be improved, from adding ways to carry extra items to even just making them move more efficiently. Though many walker manufacturers make accessories specifically for the models of walkers that they sell, there are plenty of alternative brand accessories available that can fit any device and provide the same functionality. Walker aids, such as wheels, walker seats, walker bags, walker pouches, walker trays, and many other products are available to make mobility much easier for elderly people. Following are the top accessories that can fit just about anyone’s walker:

Think King Jumbo Swirly Hook

think king jumbo swirly hook image

When using a walker one could always benefit from an extra hand. A simple hook attachment such as this one from Think King can be used to carry all manner of bags and items. The open swirly hook is easier to use and manipulate than a carabiner or other types of fasteners that must be manually opened. It is also extra wide and can hold upward of 30 pounds, so bringing in all the bags from a shopping trip is no problem. This fits on any walker and can go wherever is convenient, be it in front or on a side. Though this might seem like a minor accessory it can really upgrade the functionality of any walker.​

HealthSmart Walker Basket

healthsmart walker basket image

A basket is a popular addition to walkers due to the versatility and usefulness that it provides. There are many walker baskets on the market to choose from but many are heavy, bulky, or made by and for a specific brand of walkers. The HealthSmart walker basket is none of these things. It has a slim profile that will not get in the way when moving around or storing and is light so that it does not throw off the walker’s balance. Since it adjusts with hook and loop fastener straps it can be used on just about any walker. It is also very simple to install and remove if necessary. The basket comes with a removeable plastic insert that is molded to include a cup holder and a smaller container so that drinks and small items can be transported safely.

RMS Water-Resistant Tote Bag for Walker and Scooter

rms water resistant tote bag image

For something less bulky than a basket, one might enjoy this front-mounted, water-resistant tote bag by RMS. It comes in several patterns for those looking to add a pop of color and customization to their walker. This bag uses several adjustable buckle straps for attachment so it can be used on a variety of walkers with confidence that it will never fall off no matter how heavy it is loaded. There is a large interior that includes slots for credit cards and identification, as well as several mesh pockets on the back and a front pocket complete with a zipper for holding smaller items. This is a dream for those who love organization and wish to carry a variety of items without having to keep track of an extra bag or purse. It is both water-resistant and machine washable, so it should stay pristine for a long time. This bag is also very affordable, so if a replacement (or extra) is ever needed, the cost is not prohibitive.

EasyComforts Walker Tray

easycomforts walker tray image

The EasyComforts walker tray is a great option for increasing the functionality of any walker. This particular model fits most standard walkers by slipping over the handles. This tray includes a non-slip mat surface to keep items from shifting in transit. There are also two cup holder holes which fit most standard tapered cups. Since the openings are holes instead of indentations cups are held in a more stable fashion. Walker trays can be used for more than food. Trays can also carry laundry, books, remotes, and any other small to medium size item that fits. Due to the over-the-handle design of this particular tray the only weight limit is what the user can comfortably transport.

Drive Medical Deluxe Side Walker Carry Pouch

drive medical deluxe side walker carry pouch image

For those who do not wish to load the front of their walker with a basket and who would be displaced by an over-the-top tray, consider this side walker carry pouch by Drive Medical. Drive is a well-respected maker of walkers and walker accessories and this pouch is no exception to their high-quality standards. It attaches simply via hook and loop straps so it can be easily installed or removed and it can fit most standard walkers. The primary functionality is provided by two large pockets that can hold whatever one might fit in them. The heavy-duty nylon is very lightweight but also durable and strong so it can be loaded up with items like tablets, flashlights, phones, books, and other necessities. There is also a mesh pocket on the backside, which would be within the area of the walker, which can carry an item or a beverage if desired. Owner reviews on this product are so high that many have even mentioned purchasing a second.

Drive Medical Walker Ski Glides

drive medical walker ski glides image

A simple and desirable upgrade for any walker is a method for making it move more easily. Ski glides, like these from Drive Medical, are an inexpensive accessory that accomplishes just this. These glides are easily installed and are durable enough to last for years. The composite material allows for smooth action that greatly reduces friction, which is perfect for those who cannot or prefer not to have to pick up their walkers. Though these are made by Drive Medical they should fit all 1-inch walkers regardless of the manufacturer.

There are many useful walker accessories out there which are both inexpensive and extremely useful. These products have very positive reviews both from the people who use them and their loved ones who have witnessed the benefits that they bring. Upgrading your walker with one or two of these items can help with maintaining one’s independence and bringing peace of mind both to the user and their family.​

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