Transport Wheelchair: Things You Need To Know When Buying & Top 5 Reviews

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Getting around may not be as easy for you as you get older and that means a transport wheelchair may be needed to help you get around on occasion. With lightweight frames, they have a weight capacity and are meant for less extensive manual wheelchair transportation and are generally designed to get you to and from a vehicle or other non-emergency medical transportation, for example, rather than getting you all around your house and stores.

That means they’re not quite as comfortable as the type of wheelchair you would be in for extended periods, but each of these is great for the job it does. Not as heavy duty as a standard wheelchair or similar travel wheelchair, these wheelchairs are made of materials such as lightweight aluminum making mobility over short distances easier and medical transportation is a breeze.

#1 Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT TRANSPORT WHEELCHAIRThe Drive Medical Fly Lite Wheelchair is only 17 pounds, which is great for anyone who might need to carry it. You can fold it up whenever it’s not in use and it gets small enough to store away easily.

The blue frame, blue coating, and more are unique and stylish and provide you with a little space to carry things, as well because it has a pocket on the back.

The padding on the arms makes it more comfortable and the footrests are moveable to make it easier to sit comfortably while you’re being pushed around. The rear wheels lock to make it safer and the handlebars on the back are very easy to use as well. When you’re ready to fold it up or fold it down you can do it without any tools needed and when you’re sitting you’re held safely by the seatbelt that’s attached.

#2 Aluminum Transport Chair Lightweight Wheelchair

ALUMINUM TRANSPORT CHAIR LIGHTWEIGHT WHEELCHAIRThe Aluminum Transport Wheelchair is simplistic but still comfortable for transportation when needed. It has a blue aluminum frame with a black seat and backrest, along with padded armrests to improve your overall comfort.

It includes a strap to keep you secure while riding, but it’s also got comfortable foot rests to make riding easier. Super lightweight, you can easily fold this chair when you’re not using it and then unfold it without needing tools to help you out.

You’ll be able to just use the quick release to get it how you need and get easy transportation. The rear wheel brakes use a put-to-lock system so the chair won’t roll and the price is moderate enough for most people. Able to hold up to 300 pounds, this wheelchair is easy to move for a caregiver or anyone else and keeps you secure while you’re being pushed around.

#3 Kaman Healthcare Folding Aluminum Transport Chair

KAMAN HEALTHCARE FOLDING ALUMINUM TRANSPORT CHAIRThe Kaman Healthcare Transport Chair features red aluminum which is high quality and makes sure you won’t have trouble with rusting or wear. The chair folds down when you’re ready to store it and can easily be put wherever you want.

It’s safe both by providing you straps and footrests as well as quality material. Made of nylon, the seat and backrest are anti-bacterial, removable, flame retardant, and breathable so you’re going to stay comfortable all the time.

It’s also moderately priced and has a little padding throughout to make it fit even better for you. The three-stage handle brakes are easy to use and you can adjust the size and style of the footrest so it fits great for your specific needs. A little heavier, it’s still easy enough to transport wherever you need. It’s also easy to push around wherever you might go.

#4 Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

DRIVE MEDICAL BLUE STREAK WHEELCHAIRComplete with an 18” seat, the Drive Medical Blue Streak has flip back arms so they’re out of the way if you don’t want them but comfortable and padded if you do. It also has a swing away footrest for your comfort, which can also be adjusted for your height.

Unlike the other options here, this one is not strictly a transport chair as it has larger wheels with handles to make it possible to push yourself wherever you want to go. Made of nylon, it’s easy to clean and designed to last.

The wheels use a push-to-lock feature to make sure you can stop whenever you want and it’s reasonably priced at the same time. Whether you need something you can push yourself or you’re looking for something someone else can help you with, this is a chair that will get you both.

#5 Nova Medical Products Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair

NOVA MEDICAL PRODUCTSThe Nova Medical Products Wheelchair is larger than the others at 22” and is made with heavy-duty materials. It is designed to be pushed by a caregiver and features hand controlled brakes to make stopping a whole lot easier.

It also has a heavy-duty seat and backrest that allows you to be comfortable and get the durability you’re looking for. It works great on any type of terrain and it’s easy to fold down whenever you want so you can take it with you.

The rear wheels are 12”, which helps them get the traction you’re looking for no matter where you go and the arms can be flipped up or down whenever you want. The adjustable foot rests move to fit you and the seatbelt ensures you’re not going to slip while you’re riding. The price on this one is a little higher, but it does provide you with a larger seat and a very sturdy one at the same time. Able to hold up to 400 pounds, this is a seat you won’t have a problem getting comfortable in.


If you find that you need a full wheelchair that you can use at all times, there are plenty of options out there that can make sure you are comfortable. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that will help you get from the car and back or get around shorter distances one of these transport wheelchairs may be exactly what you’re looking for. The most important thing is making sure that you have everything you need in this chair—and these will help you.

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