Walkers and Rollator Walker Reviews

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People who need assistance to get about often look towards devices that, while they provide aid to movement, allow for a degree of independence to be maintained. These devices tend to fall into two categories, Walkers and Rollator Walker.

The choice of which one to use is a matter of how well either will meet the needs and requirements of the purchaser. It is therefore important to review and consider carefully the device that will be used. After all, it is likely to be used for some time over a long period. Therefore, it is essential that it is functional, reliable and fit for purpose.

Manufacturers of these devices need to keep this in mind when bringing new items to the attention of the public. Time and a good deal of research and development go into creating designs that will meet the individual needs of users.

Types of Walker

There are basically two types of walker. The standing frame walker, with or without wheels fitted to the front, and the Rollator, essentially a seat on wheels that can act as a walker.

Rollator Vs Walker

Both devices have their benefits. The one that is chosen will depend on a number of factors. The first and most important question to answer is how mobile the potential purchaser is.

For those who have a very limited range of movement or who are unable to walk any distance before needing to rest, a Rollator Walker would be the wisest choice. For those who have more of an issue with balance and who are otherwise able to manage to stand and walk, the walker may prove to be all that is required, with or without wheels attached.

The fact that the Rollator is designed with a seat makes for a device that is bulkier and heavier, even when using lightweight materials. This can become an issue where space access is limited. Weight can also be an issue if the device needs to be moved across uneven ground or upstairs.

While wheels fitted to the Rollator will make for ease of movement across most surfaces, they do not aid in getting when the user needs to go upstairs. The lightweight design of the Walker can make negotiating stairs possible.

The weight of the user is also an issue when deciding which is best. While Rollators can be designed to take the weight of the heavier individual, it needs to be made more robust and, by definition, heavier. This does not become an issue with a walker because the whole body weight is never placed upon the device at any time.

Most Rollators come with adjustable handles, allowing them to be set at more comfortable angles compared to the fixed grip of a Walker. This needs to be considered carefully if the user has issues with wrists or hands.

Consideration should also be paid to the price. By the very nature of the more complex design of the Rollator Walker, they are more expensive. The cost will increase as the specification of the Rollator Walker increases.

Best walkers for seniors

The best walker for seniors has to be measured against the range of mobility. A senior who has limited movement and relies on placing most of their body weight onto the walker would find the Rollator of benefit because the design of the frame spreads the weight over more ground. The drawback will be if the senior is unable to grip sufficiently the brake handles.

The Rollator would also be the right choice for seniors who are unable to walk a distance without the need to rest. They can use the seat for this purpose and it can act as a temporary wheelchair if the need should arise.

The key issue, whichever item is chosen, is to ensure that the right device is obtained to fulfill the needs. After all, the reason someone chooses one of these devices is to be able to get around without the need to rely on the assistance of others where possible.

Deciding which device would be the most appropriate requires a review of the specifications of those on offer. The needs of the user can then be considered against these specifications to obtain the best fit.

All three models mentioned here offer support to those in need of assistance when getting about. The choice of which one to use very much depends upon the extent to which physical movement is restricted and the desired requirements of the user. Built from designs that have been given considerable consideration for the needs of the user, all the models have something to offer.

Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support

The design of this Rollator Walker has taken account of the need to have independently adjustable handles, the angle of which can be set to aid the user. The tubular steel construction makes for a robust design and it comes with a basket to carry items. The 7.5 in wheels make it flexible for use, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor utilization.

Coming equipped with deluxe loop-locks that ensure the rollator does not slip makes for a stable seat. To aid the comfort of the user, there is an adjustable, removable back support. The Rollator Walker also has brakes fitted with easy grip handles for greater control whether standing or sitting.

The ability to fold the Rollator Walker up when not in use means that it can be stored easily, saving space. This is also an advantage if the Rollator Walker is to be transported for use elsewhere other than the user’s home.

There are additional features that can be purchased for this Rollator Walker; for example, there is a cup holder that can be bracketed to the frame. This can be an advantage if there is a need to keep a drink close at hand. The fact that it can swivel means that the drink can be kept level.

In addition, there is the ‘think king’ swirly hook that can be fitted to the frame that acts as a place to hang several bags, giving an additional storage capacity beyond the basket. The hook is extra wide to accommodate wide handled bags. There is no clip so that bags can be put on or removed with one hand and the velcro band means that it does not slip when in place.

Medline MDS86800XWS Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator

A similar design to the previous model, this one has been developed for use by those who may have weight issues. It has four wheels but also a steel frame design, reinforced, to take weights up to 500lbs.

Extra strength is also given to the spokes of the 8in wheels and the forks to which they are attached. The padded back support gives additional comfort when used as a seat.

This design is wider than most, so it may not fit through all doorways and this needs to be considered. In addition, the height is set at 22inand is not adjustable, so leg clearance needs to be considered as well. Beneath the padded seat is a velcro pocket for storing personal items.

Like the previous model, the hand grips are adjustable, making for a more customized fit. The easy grip brakes also make it possible to maintain control of the Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator at all times.

This model can be folded away for ease of storage when not in use.

As with the previous Rollator Walker, there are several attachments that can add benefit to this particular model. It can also accommodate a cup holder for those times when having a drink close by is essential, or just simply desirable.

The ‘think king’ swirly hook will also fit this design of Rollator Walker, adding ease of bag carrying, loading and unloading of even wide handled bags and ease of use through one handed operation.

The easy to assemble instructions means that the rollator can be put together quickly and easily, and be ready for use in minutes.

Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels

Walkers are a popular choice for those who might need some assistance but can get about. The familiar frame design makes them reliable and easy to use. Like many other designs, this model comes with wheels at the front, making it easy to move ahead of the user.

The contoured grip makes it easy to handle and the independent operation of each side of the frame allows for ease of movement through narrow spaces as well as a greater degree of stability when standing.

The easy, push-button mechanism, that can be operated by fingers, palm or side of the hand, is ideal for those who may have issues with the movement of their hands should they wish to close up the Walker for ease of storage.

The sturdy, aluminum construction makes for a reliable and lightweight Walker that has a wide appeal.

For those who might have difficulty in raising the Walker as they move, there is the possibility of purchasing the Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels.

These are small, plastic ski shaped attachments that are fitted to the rear feet of the Walker. They make it possible for the Walker to be moved over a variety of surfaces without ever having to raise it from the ground. And just like the Walker, they come in white color.

In addition, the Drive Medical Walker Basket can be attached to the front of the Walker to carry any necessary items. It comes equipped with a plastic insert tray that contains a cup holder for those times when having a drink close to hand is necessary or just desirable. When not needed, the insert can be removed to allow more space in the basket.

Take some time to review the items on offer. Check out the characteristics and statistics of the various models, then match them against the requirements of the user, whether that be yourself or someone for whom you are purchasing.

Finally, there is always the question of value for money. Everyone wants to get the best possible deal for the money they are willing to spend.

If the prospective purchaser has considered all of their needs and requirements and found a Walker or Rollator Walker that meets their criteria, it becomes a simple task to compare the prices of all similar designs from a variety of manufacturers. This way obtaining the best product available for the potential outlay will ensure that value for money is duly obtained.

Once your decision is made you should consider ways to customize your choice with a variety of additional attachments that make it possible to get the most out of the option you have chosen. Consider the added benefits that can be gained and the convenience experienced by the addition of even a few small attachments.

Used properly and within the manufacturer’s guidelines, the Walkers and Rollator Walkers mentioned here can have a long and useful life. They will more than simply assist the user to get around. The additional attachments can be an indispensable aid to those who seek to maintain the independence of movement.

The care taken in choosing a device that will be in constant use over a long period of time should pay off in the long run. Failure to do so can result in discomfort, inability to operate the device properly and an outlay of funds that might prove to be costly.

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