Wheelchair Reviews

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When someone relies on a wheelchair, it becomes a central part of their life. It does not define them, but it is something that they have to rely upon. It’s their key to going to the store, to work, to school, and it’s needed to even move around their own home. As a result, a wheelchair user does not want to gamble on a wheelchair.

They need it to be reliable, durable, comfortable, and easy to use. It needs to fit their lifestyle, their home, and their condition. Every person’s life is different, and the condition that necessitates a wheelchair is often different from person to person. As a result, they need to trust the wheelchair they use to fit them perfectly.

In this article, we will be reviewing three wheelchairs, looking at their pros and cons, and we will help you decide if this is the right wheelchair for you or your loved one. This is not a matter to be taken lightly, and we know this.

This is why we will be putting our best foot forward to analyze and critique these three models of wheelchair, so you can know if it’s worthy of your money and, more importantly, being responsible for the mobility of you or your loved one.

Lightweight Wheelchair with Detachable Arm and Elevating Leg Rest by Healthline Trading

This lightweight wheelchair, as the product label states, has a detachable arm and a leg rest that elevates. These two qualities give this wheelchair some versatility right out of the gate. The detachable armrest allows for a more compact wheelchair that can be stored more easily and has the option to be less bulky while in use.

The elevating leg rest allows for the user to relax from the comfort of their own wheelchair. It also comes in six sizes, from 16-inches with a smaller “desk arm” to 20-inches with a larger “full arm” at two-inch increments of change.

The height of the standard 18-inch with a full arm model of this wheelchair from the floor to the seat is 19.5-inches, and the overall height is 36-inches. The width of the chair while open is 25-inches, and it is 12-inches while closed. This is the middle size of the wheelchair, so the width and height will vary a little upwards or downwards depending on the size purchased.

The seat itself is made of a durable and lightweight nylon. This makes it easier to clean, fire-resistant, and resistant to contamination such as mildew and bacteria. The seat is also cushioned for the comfort of the user. The legs go up far enough so the knees are not completely bended. This is very important, as it prevents blood clots in the user.

The tires are made of Urethane, and they cover composite wheels. This makes the wheels very durable, and they will require little repair in the long run. It has sealed precision bearings, and there is a button to push to lock the wheels.

This keeps the wheelchair from rolling when the user wants to remain in place, and he or she doesn’t need to keep a hand on the wheels to prevent this from happening as they would otherwise. This also means that the wheelchair has breaks for the user to access. The hand rims are lightweight and made from plastic, and this allows them to be cleaned easily.

The dual axle gives the wheelchair significant durability. The frame is made from a strong carbon steel, and it is triple coated in chrome. This latter detail is for the sake of appearance, but it also keeps the frame of the wheelchair from chipping. The overall weight of the wheelchair is light 37-pounds, supporting the “lightweight” boast of the product title.

The arm rests are also made from nylon, and they are padded for comfort. The leg rests are made from aluminum, and they are padded too. The chair does fold, so it can be stored away in a smaller space when not in use. Lastly, the very back of the chair has a pocket in which the user can store their items for their convenience.

The price point for the various sizes gravitates around $160 on Amazon, making this a wheelchair with a fairly cheap price for the product.

This wheelchair is not anything flashy or overt, but it is quality and reliable. It will support its user well, and it has everything it needs to be a good product. It’s comfortable, practical, and durable. The arms, seat, and legs are padded for the comfort of the person who uses it. The carbon steel frame makes it a strong and durable product.

The removable arm rests allow for it to be more compact and take up less space. The elevating leg rests allow for the user to relax and lean back within the chair itself. The six varieties of sizes will give the user a number of options to customize the model of the wheelchair they purchased for their specific needs and lifestyle.

The folding option makes it less bulky when it needs to be stored away for any reason. Furthermore, the customer reviews for the product on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, meaning it is approved by many wheelchair users.

There isn’t an option for other colors, which prevents some customization and personalizing of the product. In addition, the weight limit is at 300-pounds, so it isn’t an option for larger individuals who need a wheelchair.

As previously stated, this isn’t the flashiest or most “high-tech” wheelchair on the market, but it is a good product. It will provide what most wheelchair users will need, and it won’t let you down. It’s strong, comfortable, and dependable.

The removable armrests, elevating leg rests, and six options for sizes give the wheelchair a lot of versatility for a variety of users. It folds, so it can be stored away with ease. It’s light, so it won’t be hard to transport. Plus, at a price point of about $160 it won’t break the bank either. If you or a loved one need an affordable, reliable, and hardy wheelchair, this one is the way to go.

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair with Footrest and Batteries-

This is an electric wheelchair, so it can propel itself forward on its own volition without exertion from the wheelchair user or a helper. Plus, it can fold, which isn’t too common with the electric wheelchair. So those are two pluses right out of the gate for this product. It comes in three sizes, from 18-inches to 22-inches at two-inch increments in change.

The controller is programmable, and its mount has an adjustable length for comfort and ease of use. Its “freewheel” operation makes controlling the wheelchair very easy. The tension is adjustable for the user’s preference.

The padded back of the seat as well as the seat itself are both padded for maximum comfort. There is a positioning belt to keep the wheelchair user strapped into the position of their choosing. The arm rests are padded, adjustable, and removable depending on the user’s preference. The chair is controlled with a joystick for an intuitive one-to-one control setup.

The footrests can be swung out of the way, and they have calf straps and heel hoops to keep the feet locked in place. It comes with a pocket on the back of the chair itself for storing away the user’s possessions. The seat depth is 16-inches and the seat width is 18-inches. The weight capacity of the wheelchair is 300-pounds, so it’s still not ideal for particularly large users.

The anti-tip wheels will leave no marks on surfaces and won’t go flat. There is also a manual wheel lock to keep the wheels from moving when the user wants them still. This also means that the wheelchair has manual brakes for the end user. The weight of the product is 146-pounds, making it pretty difficult to lug around manually.

That being said, it is still lighter than other electric wheelchairs. It has four wheels, and the seat-to-floor height is 18.5-inches. The overall height is 36-inches, the width is 26-inches, and the length is 42.5-inches. The wheelchair comes with its own battery, so you won’t have to purchase one in addition to the wheelchair initially.

The frame is a carbon steel material. It is black, but it comes with a silver vein finish. It has been safety tested and passed ANSI RESNA regulations, so it has been tested by authorities on wheelchair safety. The overall customer reviews on Amazon are positive, so it has been approved by the consumer base as well.

This model of wheelchair comes with a lot of features and conveniences so that a wheel-chair bound individual can feel empowered by their equipment. Its automatic controls provide a feeling of luxury for the end user, and its padded chair and strong frame mean that it will be an appreciated purchase for most wheelchair users.

The folding option allows for ease when storing away the chair, and it can fit into tighter spaces. The lightweight frame makes it lighter than other electric wheelchairs, and the battery comes included, meaning you won’t have to purchase one in addition to the wheelchair. This means less money will have to be spent for add-ons to the wheelchair itself, which your wallet will surely appreciate.

With a median price of about $1600 on Amazon, it’s not a small purchase whatsoever. However, with the features it provides, it is definitely a worthwhile purchase for you or your wheelchair-bound loved one.

Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair with Desk-Length Arms and Elevated Leg Rests-

This wheelchair provides the basic needs that almost every wheelchair user needs. It has nylon upholstery, removable desk-length armrests, and elevated leg rests. These features provide a comfortable sit inside the wheelchair, and the latter two adjustable features mean that you or your loved one will be able to change their stay to better fit their preferences.

The nylon upholstery means the chair will be both comfortable and durable. The leg rests are also padded and angled so that the knees will not be completely bent. The seat itself is 18-inches wide and 16-inches deep. The chair can also fold for compact storage, making it easier to put away when not in use.

The frame is made out of steel, so it will stand up to rigorous abuse. It’s tig-welded and has a gray powder coat finish. It can hold up to 300-pounds of weight, so this one isn’t made for larger users either. The chair itself weighs a total of 46-pounds with the leg rests attached and 38-pounds without. It assembles easily, so you will not need tools to accomplish the building of the wheelchair.

The dimensions of the overall chair are 31 by 26.5 by 35.6 inches. The dual-axle hemi height allows for a height adjustment of two inches. The wheels are durable and will never get flat or leave a mark on a floor.

This is a very basic wheelchair, but it does its job well. It is adjustable for the user’s preferences, it’s durable, and it’s comfortable. The single color and single size do not give much in the realm of customization. As a result, if the dimensions given are not the ones you or your loved one need for their condition and/or body, then this wheelchair is not the one that should be purchased.

However, though it only does one thing, it does it well. This is a comfortable, durable, and resilient wheelchair. It only costs $143, so it’s one of the cheaper wheelchairs on the market. If you need a good wheelchair on a budget and the provided dimensions are good for you or your loved one, this just may be the wheelchair you need.

Final Verdict

All three of these wheelchairs are good products that serve a variety of needs, and which one works for you or your loved one, of course, is up to you or your loved one.

The Lightweight Wheelchair by Healthline Trading is a decent, standard wheelchair with size variations and arm alterations that can be made depending on the preference of the user. The Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair offers many of the same features, but it’s less customizable. However, it makes up for this fact with a less expensive price.

The Cirrus Plus Electric Wheelchair by Drive Medical is a high-quality and luxury chair with an adjustable seat and an intuitive joystick-controlled driving feature, though it is a little pricey. That being said, all are comfortable and durable products, and you or your loved one will surely be satisfied with any of these purchases.

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