Women’s Portable Urinal: Buying Advice and Top 5 Reviews (Our Top 3…Ready, Steady, Pee!)

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The only time we have penis-envy as women is when we need to go to the bathroom and there isn’t a restroom. Men have it easy. They simply whip it out and relieve themselves where ever they are, but for women, it’s a bit different. We usually have two options: hold it in until we’re ready to burst or squat and risk peeing all over ourselves.

Well, not anymore. Women’s portable urinals are here to save the day.

What is a female urinal?

A portable urinal or Female Urination Device (FUD) does what it says on the box: it allows women to stand up and urinate, anywhere, anytime, just like a man. Companies like Duro-Med, Lumex and the Medical Action Industries urinals hold urine, similarly to the ones you find in the men’s restrooms, and then there are the funnel-like models, that are portable, easy to clean, and made of medical-grade materials. These don’t hold the liquid but make it possible for women to stand and pee.

The first time we saw one we didn’t quite get it until we had to do a 10-hour road trip and gave it a test ride. They’re the perfect solution for ladies who need to answer nature’s call without a public toilet anywhere in sight, regardless of where you are.

Handheld or “portable toilets” are convenient, hygienic and can be useful in a number of situations, like:​

    • If you have a weak bladder
    • If you have limited flexibility or mobility and using a toilet is too difficult
    • When you’re on a long trip and there aren’t any toilets
    • If you’re usually dependent on a helper to use the toilet
  • Pee standing—when it’s just not that easy to sit and pee (think restrictive clothing like wedding gowns)

Portable Female Urinal Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy one of these gadgets you need to know there are two types:

Disposable Portable Urinal

A disposable portable female urinal is made of cardboard or a durable paper and is meant for temporary or one-time use. Some brands are flushable. They’re convenient to travel with or carry in your purse or car and they’re easy to use. If you’re not sure about using a portable urinal, we suggest you try a disposable first.​

Non-Disposable Portable Urinals

Like the label says, these are non-disposable and made of latex or plastic. They’re durable and made to be used over and over again. Cleaning them is easy—you can use water and soap, sanitary wipes, or (if you live on your own) run it through the dishwasher. Some are made to repel moisture to prevent any bacterial or hygiene issues.

A good portable urinal will have the following features:​

    • There must be no spillage, otherwise you may as well as squat
  • It should be easy use to and easy to empty

Will the best lady’s portable urinal please stand up?

These portable female urination devices have been around for a while, but are only recently getting the attention they deserve. We think every woman, regardless of age or lifestyle, should have one, or at the very least try it out. Nature always calls at the most inopportune times.

Here are our top 3…ready, steady, pee

SheWee Extreme

The SheWee Extreme has been around since 2003 and the company markets it as the original FUD. Their website claims that one of these is sold every three minutes somewhere in the world and, while we can’t back that up, we do like that you don’t have to worry about washing it if there’s no water nearby, you simply shake it off because it repels water.

shewee extreme image

It’s made from polypropylene and can be recycled. The SheWee is NATO approved for women in the military and can also be used for camping, long car trips, festivals, cycling, post-surgery, pregnancy, policewomen, sailing, or if you’re faced with dirty loos, and more.

It comes in different colors including black, white, lilac, aqua, blue, pink, desert sand, NATO green and pumpkin orange.

The SheWee Extreme has an extension tube so the liquid flows away from your feet.


This might be the strangest sentence you ever read: imagine a taco. The pStyle looks very similar to that. It’s about 1.5 inches wide, 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches tall and is made from a phthalate- and BPA-free plastic. The pStyle is available in a wide range of colors, including blue, pink, green, clear, and purple.

pstyle urinal image

To use it, you place the widest part between your legs, under your flow area (i.e. your urethra), aim the open side downward slightly, and you’re good to go. When you’re done, you simply lift the pStyle upward and catch any remaining drops. Instead of needing toilet paper, if you use the product as instructed, it kind of ‘squeegee’s’ the wee up.

It’s reusable and you can rinse it with water or clean it with soap and water. If water is limited, then give it a good shake to get rid of most of the wee. The pStyle is made to fit in your purse, glove compartment or even a deep pocket. You can store them in anything you like or you can purchase their stylish pCase on the company’s website.

The Pee Pocket

the pee pocket urinal image

Unlike the other two products featured on our list, the Pee Pocket is made from thin, waterproof cardboard and is disposable. The cardboard doesn’t absorb any liquid and they come with hygienic wipes that are also disposable.

The portable urinal is white with a pretty floral pattern print and comes packaged flat. When you need to use it, you pop it open and it forms a funnel shape that you put in place and it’s a case of ready, steady, pee!

The funnel is made to fit closely against your body and the trifold design opens to form a spill-free funnel.


The portable urinal device for women is one of those things that, until you’ve used it, you don’t understand its true value. Like the paper clip, the post-it note, Facebook, and the internet, once you’ve used one of these portable restrooms, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Such a simple device has managed to revolutionize feminine hygiene and empower women.

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